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Definitive Survivor Trilogy Release Date

by tenderpuls

Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy is listed on Microsoft Store. With the listing made, the release date of the trilogy appeared.

Not yet officially announced Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor TrilogyIs listed on Microsoft Store. In the listing made, information about the trilogy was included, while the price information was not shared.

According to the information in the Microsoft Store, Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy, March 17 will go on sale on. Trilogy; Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider contains. Also released for Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal games since 2013 all DLCs is also included in the content.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy will be available in the coming weeks:

It seems that there is no new content in the trilogy, which is stated in the Microsoft Store listing that it will go on sale on March 17. The game is available in the Microsoft Store description of as follows:

“Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy is the complete version of the award-winning games about the origin story of the Tomb Raider. This collection has received extremely positive reviews. Contains all of the Definitive Edition content in each game in the Tomb Raider series: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

Witness the development of Lara on this journey through the four corners of the world. Firstly Tomb On the Raider Follow Lara stranded on the mysterious island of Yamatai off the coast of Japan. Later In Rise of the Tomb Raider An immortal secret is revealed in the freezing tundra of Siberia. Finally In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Discover a terrifying power in the mountains of Peru. Containing the Definitive Edition content of each game, this trilogy delivers hours of breathtaking experience. Explore mysterious locations, solve challenging puzzles and fight for survival as Lara transforms into the Tomb Raider. ”


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It is not yet known whether this listing in the Microsoft Store was shared accidentally or on purpose. We will see that this is true in the coming days.

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