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Best Used Phone Models

by tenderpuls

Even phones, which are now one of the most basic needs, have become luxury due to the phones sold at a car price. Still, it is possible to find second-hand affordable phone models. We have compiled the best second-hand phone models on the market.

Smartphone prices have taken off especially in recent years. New phones on the market have almost started to be at the price of a car. As such, the demand for second-hand phones has also increased. Among the second-hand phone models cheap phone models and prices It is among the most curious. However, there are also phones that are sold at almost zero product prices in the second-hand market.

In the second hand phone market suitable for your budget and wishes you are likely to find a phone. However, there are some things to consider before buying a second hand phone. Just as you request all the documents of the phones in order not to have technical problems or legal problems on the phone after purchasing … Let’s see what we should pay attention to first.

Second-hand phone models that will not cause problems if you buy from a reliable seller:

  • Huawei Mate 20 Lite,
  • Samsung Galaxy A51,
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro,
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T,
  • Samsung Galaxy A71,
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus,
  • iPhone 8,
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10,
  • Huawei P20 Pro,
  • iPhone 8 Plus,
  • Oppo Reno 2,
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9,
  • Huawei P30 Pro,
  • iPhone 11,
  • iPhone X,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus,
  • iPhone XS and XS Max,
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

Before you buy a second-hand phone, you should know:

cheap second hand phone models

Before buying a second hand or new phone how you use it you need to be sure. In fact, this method is not only valid for second-hand shopping, but if it is a matter of budget, the work should be fit for purpose. So what you have to ask yourself is; Do you want to take lots of photos and share videos, or do you want to play games and browse between applications without any trouble … The answer to this question will also determine the phone models you need to get and filter them to a great extent.

After determining the phone model you will buy, the next job is to go online. reliable second hand dealer find. For this, you can use popular e-commerce sites or applications that everyone uses. However, our recommendation is with the seller. face to face meeting opportunity buy second hand products by trying them from the places available. If you are going to shop online, you should also pay attention to the trust rate of the seller.

Out of money with you on your way to the seller charging cable, SD Card, headphone get equipment such as. So that all of your phone you can test its performance. Apart from this, even if the warranty does not continue, be sure to ask for the bill for the phone. This will be your only basis for legal problems that may arise in the future. If there is no problem with the phone and invoice You can easily get the phone if you have one.

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max:

iphone 11 pro second hand

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

The astonishing iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max stand out as the most expensive phone models in the second-hand market. It is possible to find zero of their phones between 10.000-13.000 TL. If you want to buy second hand, you need to pay a fee between 9,000 – 11,000 TL. Obviously, when the price difference between second hand and zero is so low, you can buy the second hand and sell it again later.

iPhone XS and XS Max:

iphone xs second hand

  • Year of production: 2018
  • Origin: China

iPhone models are among the best selling phone models in the second hand market. iPhone XS and XS Max pre-owned prices range from 6,000 to 8,000 TL. The zero prices are between 6,200 – 9,000 TL, depending on the model. If you want to buy a second hand to high storage area It will be to your advantage to choose 256 GB models.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

We can say that the second-hand prices of the model, whose zero is up to 11,000 TL, are relatively more advantageous than the iPhone models. Samsung guaranteed second-hand clean models range from 7,000 to 8,000 TL. With 8 GB of RAM, 4K resolution and a very high quality camera, it is a second hand phone that can be bought up to 8,000 TL. Especially since it was released last year. at least 3-4 years can take you.

iPhone X:


  • Year of production: 2017
  • Origin: China

The iPhone X, which was in the hands of almost everyone when it was first released and was sold for about 10,000 TL, is still sold around 8,000 TL despite the years passed. Second hand prices start from 5,000 TL. For this reason, among the models we have listed so far the most advantageous we can say. Despite the past 3 years, we can say that it is still among the best smartphones.

iPhone 11:

iPhone 11

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

iPhone 11 is among the latest Apple products the most affordable model as it draws attention. Although there are differences between the 11 Pro and the Pro Max in terms of camera, the device performance is quite good. The model’s zero price is between 6,500 – 7,500 TL, and the second-hand prices are again between 5,500 – 6,000 TL. You can buy a high storage model second hand at these prices.

Huawei P30 Pro:

Huawei P30 Pro

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

Huawei models attract the most attention with their camera performance. Top models such as the P30 Pro are both in camera performance does a very good job. The second hand prices of the phone, with an average of 7,000 TL, range from 5,000-6,000 TL. It is very likely that you will find products that are really clean and still under warranty. Therefore, you may want to consider buying a second hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • Year of production: 2018
  • Origin: China

Samsung’s from flagship phones Galaxy Note 9 is still among the models that can be preferred with its device performance and quality camera. It is possible to find the second hand of the model, whose zero is around 6,200 TL, between 3,700-4,000 TL. In fact, if you want to buy a Note 9, you can go straight to the second hand instead of zero. It will be much more advantageous due to the difference in price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

S10 Plus, which has been among the phones that have been talked about for a long time about performance, is at a level that can compete with many flagship phones in terms of camera. It is possible to find the second hand of the phone, which is sold for around 6.400 TL, between 5.000-5.500 TL. The internal memory of the device is 128 GB but Up to 512 GB can be removed. 8-core processor and 4K video recording It has a camera that has the feature.

Oppo Reno 2:

Oppo Reno 2

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

Oppo, who had a big boom in our country after the commercials they shot with Sila, prominent with his camera It would not be wrong to call it a brand. Since it is a new model, there are few second hand options. Oppo Reno 2 second hand prices are around 4,500 TL on average. Its zero price is around 5,600 TL. There is some difference between the two prices. If you are looking for a phone with a very good camera, you can look at Oppo models.

iPhone 8 Plus:

iPhone 8 Plus

  • Year of production: 2017
  • Origin: China

iPhone models are among the most preferred phones in the second hand market. The biggest reason for this is that they are long lasting and stable. Even though iPhone 8 came out in 2017, it is still capable of full performance a phone. It is even possible to find the phone, whose zero is currently being sold for around 5.400 TL, for 3,000-3,500 TL in the second hand. You can find very advantageous prices with a serious research.

Huawei P20 Pro:

Huawei P20 Pro

  • Year of production: 2018
  • Origin: China

It is now almost impossible to find the Huawei P20 Pro on reliable e-commerce sites. When you want to buy the phone second hand, you have to pay a fee of 3,000-3,500 TL. Especially if your phone very good camera Considering the processor performance and this fee seems to be worth it. Because zero is around 5.400 TL on average.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10:

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is a complete camera with its 8-core processor in addition to its powerful camera performance. performance monster telephone. Zero is around 4,700 TL on average. Second hand price starts from 3,000 TL. Obviously, second-hand phone models such as Huawei P20 Pro and iPhone 8 Plus can be purchased at these prices. However, it can be preferred for long-term use since the production year is 2019.

iPhone 8:

iPhone 8

  • Year of production: 2017
  • Origin: China

We suggested the iPhone 8 Plus above. Who doesn’t like the big screen and small screen phone For those who want to use it, we now recommend the iPhone 8. The zero of the phone is currently sold for about 5,000 TL. The second hand is between 3,000-3,500 TL. If you want to buy this model, you should choose the 256 GB version. 64 GB is insufficient nowadays and even the quality photos we take only take up this much space.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

  • Year of production: 2018
  • Origin: China

Samsung’s flagship phone models are very successful. One of them is the S9 Plus, which is sold in scrambling. With its innovative screen model, this model was the choice of many consumers. Zero is around 4-5 thousand TL nowadays. When you want to buy a second hand, the price is almost more than half landing. It is possible to find second-hand products even for 2,000 TL. You can also choose 64 GB when choosing a phone. Storage is rising with the memory card.

Samsung Galaxy A71:

Samsung Galaxy A71

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

Among Samsung phone models most affordableOne of the high performance and feature phones. It is quite successful compared to phones in its processor class and its camera is also 64MP resolution owner. The zero of the phone is around 3,200 TL on average. The second hand market is also between 2.500-2.900 TL. So there is almost no difference. If you do not need to buy an emergency phone, you can get zero for this price from the campaign.

Xiaomi Mi 9T:

Xiaomi Mi 9T

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

Cheap phone models It has remarkable performance and camera resolution. Zero price is around 2,500 TL on average. The second hand price is about 2000 TL. Although there seems to be a slight difference, second-hand models are usually in zero setting. never been used It consists of phones. For this reason, it is useful to do research before taking the zero. You can find it at a more affordable price.

Redmi Note 8 Pro:

Redmi Note 8 Pro

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is a price performance product, is one of the most affordable phone models in our list. Camera performance we can say middle level. But still according to the price processor performance pretty good. Its zero price varies between 2,500-2,800 TL on reliable e-commerce sites. The second hand price is between 1.600-2.000 TL. It can be preferred if you are looking for a cheap and performance phone.

Samsung Galaxy A51:

Samsung Galaxy A51

  • Year of production: 2019
  • Origin: China

Samsung phone models usually stand out with their cameras and short-term performances. Galaxy A51 was a slightly disappointing model with its processor. However, it is a model that can be preferred if you do not play a lot of games and are not interested in new games. Zero price and second hand price is around 2,500 TL with almost the same price. For this reason, you can also tend to get the zero directly.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite:

Huawei Mate 20 Lite

  • Year of production: 2018
  • Origin: China

At the end of our list, again, a complete price performance monster there is a phone. Cheap phone models attracts a lot of attention, especially with its camera performance. Zero is around 2,200 TL on average. It is possible to find the second hand for around 1,600 TL. With very little money for the phone, if you want to take very good pictures a phone that you can examine without thinking. User reviews are also very positive.

We came to the end of our second hand phone models list. Zero prices of mobile phones, second hand prices may not actually be as cheap as expected. However, it is still obvious that some models can be purchased for less than half the price. Before you buy a second-hand phone, do not skip the points we quoted at the beginning of our content and do research as well as possible. If there are phone models you recommend, do not forget to mention them in the comments.

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