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What did Friends cast after the drama ended?

by tenderpuls

The actors of Friends, who played the characters Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey, had many successful projects after the end of the successful series.

NBC, Friends Thanks to him, he was at the top of the television world from the 1990s to the early 2000s. No one, including the producers, expected Friends to become one of the most popular television shows of all time and achieve this much success. Over the last episode of the series More than 16 years Even after a while, fans are still quoting lines from the series, old episodes are watched over and over again.

Although the series ended 16 years ago, it has since Friends cast They continued to be part of many important projects. They even took part in some TV series together.

Courteney Cox, who plays Monica Geller, has found success with the Scream series and Cougar Town:

Courteney Cox and Couger Town team

Courteney Cox’s first television role after Friends ends Dirt became Lucy in the TV series. Cox, who was also the executive producer of the series with his then wife David Arquette, starred in the series as the editor of a famous gossip newspaper. For Courteney Cox, her biggest success after Friends Scream We can say that it is a series. He appeared before the audience in the sequels Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000) and Scream 4 (2011). Scream, which is planned to be released in 2022, will also meet with the audience in the sequel.

Cox also produced and directed a comedy series. Cougar TownHe starred in. The actress, who played a single and overprotective mother in the series, played the lead role for 6 seasons, and this role Golden Globe nomination It has earned.


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David Schwimmer brought the legendary character Melman from Madagascar to life:

david schwimmer and melman

An animated movie by DreamWorks, released in 2005, one of the biggest successes for David Schwimmer after Friends MadagascarWe can say that he has a voice over. In the film, Schwimmer lives comfortably and peacefully at the New York Zoo, accidentally finding himself in the wilderness of a faraway island with his friends. giraffe MelmanHe voiced. As Melman’s voice, she met with the audience in two sequels and a New Year’s Eve special.

Schwimmer embarked on a successful directorial adventure:

David Schwimmer at the filming of Trust

Many Friends fans know about Schwimmer’s behind-the-scenes prowess as well as in front of the camera. David Schwimmer, who has directed a total of 10 episodes of Friends, has directed several television projects and two major films. In 2008, Schwimmer tells the story of a man who joins the marathon in hopes of reclaiming his ex-fiancee, and the comedy starring Simon Pegg. Run, Fat Boy, Run ‘He directed.

David Schwimmer, award winner in 2010 Trust With his movie, he exhibited his greatest success as a director. The thriller starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener focuses on the family’s struggle to stay together after their 14-year-old daughter Annie (Liana Liberato) falls victim to someone she met online.

Published on Schwimmer, FX in 2016 American Crime Story a supporting role as Robert Kardashian in the first season of the TV series and Feed the Beast He returned to the television screens after a long hiatus, playing the lead role as Tommy Moran in the TV series. Finally, published in 2020 Intelligence He portrayed an NSA agent in a 6-episode sitcom called. The second season of the series is expected to be released in 2022.


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She is an actress, producer, comedian and writer: Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow

After the end of Friends, Lisa Kudrow’s works reveal that she took great care not to repeat herself in her career. Kudrow, after the series Friends, portraying Phoebe Buffay, has ended, is the comedy series that aired on HBO The ComebackHe produced, wrote the script and starred in the series. Also in the comedy she portrayed for Best Actress Emmy award won.

Successful actress, improvisation program in which she wrote the script that lasted four seasons and starred Web Therapy also achieved great success with. Kudrow also starred in the TV series Friends, in 1997, in the cult classic comedy Romy and Michelle’s High School ReunionHe starred in. He has also appeared in many movies throughout his career including Bandslam, Hotel for Dogs, Easy A, Neighbors, The Girl on the Train.

Bojack Horseman and his voice acting career:

Lisa Kudrow and Wanda Pierce

Lisa Kudrow has also shown her success in TV series and movies in the voice acting field. Netflix original animation BoJack HorsemanBojack’s newly awakened owl girlfriend from a coma in season 2 of Wanda PierceHe voiced. She continued her voice acting career with the animation named Boss Baby and voiced the mother of the baby in the film. It is also certain that he will be featured in Boss Baby 2, which is currently under construction.

Matt LeBlanc went on with Friends’ sequel “Joey”:

Matt LeBlanc

While many of the Friends cast were enthusiastically directed to other areas, Matt LeBlanc chose to stick with the sitcom for a while. Her first role after Friends ended is a sequel to Friends, about her character moving to Hollywood to pursue her acting career. Joey It was the series named. The series failed to achieve the expected success after two seasons and was canceled due to a decrease in ratings. After that, he announced that he would take a one-year break from acting, but that turned into one year and five years.

Again in the audience in 2012 Episodes LeBlanc, who appeared in the series, thanks to this series he played for five seasons Golden globe He won the award. Since that time, Man with a PlanHe appeared in several other small television projects, including his lead role in.

Jennifer Aniston shone like a star after Friends:

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler

After winning a Golden Globe for her role as Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston was a crime thriller starring Clive Owen in 2005. Derailed He played major roles in various films. Afterwards How’s This Family, The Art Of Breaking Off The Boss and My life is a lie He also showed his skills and acting in movies that have achieved great success.

Jennifer Aniston continued to show off her talents by undertaking many ambitious projects in front of and behind the camera. Posted on Lifetime breast cancer Anthology film exploring its subject Fivefor the drama film for which she won her third Golden Globe nomination. CakeHe played the lead role as the executive producer of. Aniston also reveals behind the scenes of a fictional morning news program that aired its first season in 2019. The Morning ShowHe takes on the lead role and executive producer of.

Matthew Perry earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations:

Matthew Perry lectures

After his insane success and a good film career as Chandler Bing in the funny and sarcastic TV series Friends, Perry turned to writing and producing as well as acting. Matthew Perry in the first major television project after Friends, a 2006 television biopic The Ron Clark Story He starred as a Harlem elementary school teacher in the movie. Her performance in the movie was her first time Emmy nomination and Golden Globe nomination It has earned.

… but it has suffered repeated failures:

Matthew perry

In 2006, Matthew Perry shared what goes on behind the scenes of a fictional comedy show with Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip He directed a short comedy series called. When a series similar to the one they shot at that time called 30 Rock was released, its popularity gradually declined and Studio 60 was canceled after a season.

Later Mr. Sunshine for ABC and Go On However, shooting of those series was stopped after the first season, like Studio 60. Perry released this curse in 2009 17 Again He broke it by shooting a series with Thomas Lennon, who he played with in the movie. Published in 1968 The Odd Couple They modernized the TV series and brought it to the audience. Although it was not canceled directly after the first season, unfortunately this series was also removed after the third season.

Matthew Perry, his acting last miniseries that aired in 2017 The Kennedys After CamelotHe portrayed Ted Kennedy in ‘and made him talk. He has not been involved in any projects since then. Perry, who used to have a serious alcohol and drug problem, now spends his energy and time on therapy, abstinence and helping people with drug addiction problems like him.

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