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We tried to buy an iPhone 11 Pro for 2500 TL from the flea market

by tenderpuls

Buying a smart phone is nowadays the biggest need, but officially a big expense. Samsung, Apple While the prices of the flagships of such giants cannot be approached anyway, even the middle segment phones are upset with their prices. As such, second-hand phones come out as a great alternative.

We visited the flea market and visited phone shops to find out on site what is the best phone to buy with a budget of 2500 TL. We came across many models that we could buy with this budget, and on the other hand, we remembered what to pay attention to when buying second hand phones. And for 2500 TL iPhone 11 Pro We tried to get it but to see what happened to us about it We recommend you watch our video.

When buying a second-hand phone, attention should be paid especially to the screen and camera issue:

When buying a second-hand phone, one of the questions we should ask is whether there is a screen replacement on the phone. At the same time, checking the camera of the phone, verifying whether it is a registered device, testing whether the microphone and speaker are working without any problems, and having information about the battery are among the steps that will prevent us from being sad in the coming days. After all these checks are done, there is no obstacle in purchasing a second-hand phone suitable for your budget.

2500 TRYIf you are wondering about the smart phone models you can buy for, you can take a look at our video. you can share in the comments.

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