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Vertical Tabs Feature Introduced to Edge Browser

by tenderpuls

Microsoft has finally introduced the vertical tabs feature, which was announced last year for the Chromium-based Edge browser. With the new feature, users can take the tab list from the top and place it on the side.

US-based software giant MicrosoftIt continues to update the Edge browser with new features. For the Chromium-based Edge browser vertical tabs Announcing its feature about a year ago, the company has finally Edge 89 sOfficially released with the product.

With the vertical tabs feature, which is ideal especially for 16: 9 ratio screens, users can use the tabs of the browser instead of the classic long tab list at the top. The side can sort. Although it seems a little difficult to get used to at first, Microsoft aims to use this especially the screen space more efficiently.

This is how the vertical tabs feature for Microsoft Edge works:

As you can see above vertical tabs feature, tabs take it from the top and line it to the side. At this point, Microsoft also offers users the ability to manage tabs. This allows Edge users to pin a tab to the side, group tabs, and narrow and expand the tab list.

Besides vertical tabs, Edge is now search your past offers a new way of viewing. With the latest version of the browser, when users click on the ‘History’ tab, there is a small view in settings instead of a full page view. with popup they meet. It is also possible to delete the search history through this small window that opens.

Microsoft has gained a lot of users by releasing frequent updates for its Chromium-based Edge browser. Where we passed the latest major update January With this release, the company released a few new features such as sleeper tabs, new visual themes and password generator.


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So, what do you think about Microsoft Edge’s new vertical tabs feature? Do you think it’s useful or annoying? Your ideas comments You can share with us from section.

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