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Twitter CEO Puts His First Tweet on Sale

by tenderpuls

While witnessing the development of the digital world moment by moment, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shed a light on the future by putting his first Tweet on sale. The Tweet shared by Jack Dorsey in 2006 has currently received the highest bid of $ 500,000.

With the widespread use of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, we have begun to dig even deeper into the digital world. The biggest example of this is last week a collector named Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile for $ 6.6 million. 10 seconds video sold was that.

This digital art exchange is in the cryptocurrency world NFTs known as “Unchangeable Tokens” thanks to took place. Another area where NFTs are used in digital shopping is Twitter. The last Tweet that went on sale on the giant social media platform and is currently the most valuable Tweet, First Tweet of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey happened.

The offers keep coming: The highest bid at the moment is $ 500k:

Jack Dorsey, on Twitter, where Tweets can be purchased Valuables BY Cent platform to connection gave place. This link led to the purchase page created for Jack Dorsey’s first Tweet, which he shared in 2006. The tweet was made NFT by Jack Dorsey and went on sale.

For Tweet currently in auction and with new bids constantly given in current status highest bid 500 thousand dollars. The offer is the founder of cryptocurrency platform TRON, former chief representative of Ripple’s Greater China region and CEO of Rainberry Inc. By Justin Sun was given.

What happens when you buy the tweet?

jack dorsey

You won’t get anything concrete when you buy Jack Dorsey’s tweets and anyone else’s tweet. What you purchased is unique only because it was signed and verified by the person who created the Tweet a digital Tweet certificate it will be. Tweets sold on the platform do not necessarily have to be put up for sale by their owners.

You may even come across your own Tweet on the platform one day. When you encounter such a situation, you can see and accept offers from your Tweet on the platform like all other users. The amount paid for the purchase 95% to you, the owner of the Tweet, 5% goes to Valuables by Cent.


This 10-Second Video Sold for $ 6.6 Million

The highest bidding Tweet on the platform is Jack Dorsey’s Tweet:

tweet for sale

Although Jack Dorsey’s Tweet has just gone on sale today, it is one of the Tweets with the highest bid on the platform. The second on this list is the Tweet shared by Elon Musk in 2018, and the third is Hal Finney’s “Running bitcoin” Tweet, which is claimed to be the founder of Bitcoin.

What is NFT?

NFT, which stands for ‘Unchangeable Token’, is a special cryptographic token type and cannot be copied. The inability to duplicate the token type is also what makes this most special. An NFT created in this way, one of a kind happens. So anything turned into NFT like Jack Dorsey’s Tweet can easily verify its authenticity.

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