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Stephen King’s Famous Novel Moves to Netflix

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Stephen King’s The Talisman, published in 1984, is brought to the screen by Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer brothers. Steven Spielberg will be the producer of the production, which will be broadcast as a series on Netflix.

Creators of Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s most popular TV series. Matt and Ross Duffer The brothers are also known for their interest in Stephen King and Steven Spielberg. The new news coming today most clearly confirmed this interest of the two. According to the news of THR, the Duffer brothers, Stephen King The Talisman will carry his novel named to Netflix as a series.

Written by Stephen King and Peter Straub and In 1984 The published horror novel The Talisman will feature big names with it when it comes to Netflix. Duffer brothers, will share the production of the film with Spielberg. However, Stranger Things is the author and executive producer. Curtis Gwinn, The Talisman showrunner and author will serve as.

Spielberg had acquired the rights to the book even before the book came out:

The idea of ​​moving The Talisman to the screens has actually been on Spielberg’s mind for a long time. The famous director, 2 years before The Talisman was released, In 1982 he took the rights. But despite the 35 years that have passed, we haven’t seen The Talisman yet on screens or on the big screen.


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If we come to what The Talisman book says and what we will probably see on the screens; your book To Turkish summary we can apply:

When Jack Sawyer was a happy boy at the age of twelve, his life is turned upside down by the sudden death of his father and then the death of his mother with a terminal illness. His mother takes Jack to a hotel on the other side of the country. In fact, his goal is to distance him from his father’s business partner, Morgan Sloat. The more untrustworthy Sloat is, the more honest is his son Richard, Jack’s best friend who did not leave him alone on this journey. There Jack learns from Speed ​​Parker, the old attendant of the amusement park he knows, that he can heal his mother with a Talisman from another universe known as the Realm. Quick gives him a magical guitar pick for convenience and a bitter elixir for inter-universe commuting. The Realm is both a heaven and a hell full of traps of superhuman creatures with very harsh, deadly dangers.

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