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Microsoft Develops Sci-Fi-RPG with FromSoftware

by tenderpuls

According to a new report by Windows Central, Microsoft is working with FromSoftware to develop a science fiction RPG game. The game, of which we do not know any details, will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and S game consoles.

Next generation game consoles For Xbox Series X and S While we were looking forward to the new games to be released by Microsoft, a new one was added to these games today. According to the report made by Windows Central, Microsoft has started working on a game that will be released as a special game for the new game console.

The developer team that Microsoft will take with its new game has made a big impact in recent years. FromSoftware team it will be. The company, which is the developer of famous productions such as Dark Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne, will step into a completely different world this time. The game to be allegedly developed by Microsoft and FromSoftware, a science fiction RPG it will be.

Microsoft will develop a science fiction RPG with FromSoftware:

As you can imagine, there is currently no clear explanation or idea of ​​what the game will offer us. However, as this game will challenge PlayStation exclusive games, most top quality we can expect it to happen. Of course this game it will be a difficult game, Although we see the name FromSoftware, we need to understand it. There is no information about when the game will be released.

The FromSoftware studio, which Microsoft works with, gained worldwide fame with the game Demon’s Souls released in 2009. The remake of the game, released in 2020, surpassed many competing games and became the fifth best-selling game on PlayStation 5 in 2020.


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FromSoftware is currently unknown but eagerly anticipated. Elden Ring working on it. The name behind Demon’s Souls Hidetaka miyazaki and George rr martin The game, which includes names such as the team, will not have a fixed character according to Miyazaki’s description. The gameplay of the game will also be similar to Dark Souls.

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