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Justice League trailer released focusing on Superman

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Zack Snyder has released a new Superman-focused trailer for the Justice League movie, which will air on HBO Max in 6 episodes on March 18. In the trailer, we see our superhero choosing a costume on a Krypton ship.

The Justice League movie, which received numerous criticisms during its release in 2017, was directed by Zack snyderwill be reissued from ‘s point of view. The movie, which will be almost twice the length of the previous movie, is in a mini-series format It will be aired on HBO Max. We have been seeing new information about the movie for a while. The last post was made with a 50-second video posted personally from Zack Snyder’s official Twitter account.

The Zack Snyder’s Justice League Superman trailer:

Snyder in his Justice League trailer Henry Cavill’s Superman showing the costume selection. In the trailer where we saw Superman on a Krypton ship, our hero We see that she checked multiple dresses before choosing her black outfit.

In fact, when the movie project first started, Zack Snyder was on the director’s chair. The famous director, whose daughter committed suicide while the filming continued, left the film for this reason and was the director of the first Avengers movie instead. Joss whedon had come. Of course, nothing in the movie was made for Whedon, and we came across a movie that wasn’t very good in the confusion of the two directors. After that fans have big campaigns to see the true version of the movie and they wanted Snyder to return to the project. After this long process, Snyder and WarnerMedia agreed to prepare a new fiction to be published on HBO Max last year.

Previous We saw Superman in a red-toned costume in the Justice League movie. In the upcoming movie, as Snyder’s special request, we will see Superman in a black costume as in the comics. In this trailer, we watch how this costume was chosen.

Superman outfit selection

The episode names of the movie to be broadcast in 6 episodes have been announced

Taking additional scenes with the names from the previous movie Zack snyderwill make a 4-hour movie before us. While it is announced that the 150-minute section will consist of scenes that have not been seen before, HBO MaxIt was announced to be published in. The episode names of the movie, which will be released on March 18, have also been announced. According to the statement made, Zack Snyder’s Justice League episode names are as follows:

  1. Episode: Don’t Count on It Batman
  2. Episode: The Age of Heroes
  3. Episode: Beloved Mother, Bloved Son
  4. Department: Change Machine
  5. Episode: All The King’s Horses
  6. Episode: Something Darker


A New Video For Zack Snyder’s Justice League Released

Well you guys Zack Snyder’s Justice League What do you think about the movie? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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