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How Did PubG Mobile Become So Popular?

by tenderpuls

Have you ever thought about PubG Mobile’s story of popularizing and attracting everyone? Let’s take a look at PubG Mobile, which is among the most popular mobile games in the world and chatted on every platform.

Even the subject of comedy programs on TV today Of PubG Mobile The number of downloads has exceeded 100 million. With 1 million players instantly PubGThe growth rate of the game world and the impact of the technology market on people will surprise all of you when you see how.

In order to examine the popularity of this game, first of all December 16, 2013 We need to go back to history. December 13, 2018 full version all over the world in its history DayZWhen you learn how to create its own “monsters”, your view of the game and player market will change considerably.

DayZ emerged and the entire game market mixed

The War Z The release of the game named (then Infestation: Survivor Stories) survival it was the first step in popularizing the games. The game became popular in the world in a short time, but they couldn’t hold on to the market for very long and they disappeared. While so many players were about to stay in the middle, suddenly in 2012 Dean Hall (remember the name of this element) a friend named Bohemia Interactive ‘Going to “pilgrims have a game concept but how wonderful. Come on, let’s open this and we’ll mess up. ” Saying DayZ Standalone started to do.


DayZ’s New Map to Add a New Character to the Game

Bohemia Interactive is your game, what a gas Standalone They were so embedded in the (game mode) version that the game mode suddenly became popular. Did they say we open the game when the game mode got too hot? Game On December 16, 2013 When the alpha version comes out 3 million sales figure has it reached? Of course. The main problem of almost every gamer at that time was that this game, which was opened to Alpha, would work and Twitch.TV it had been finding a computer on which to broadcast. The biggest subject of gamers all over the world DayZ became to play. So what do you think happened in the finale? Dean Hall in 2014, “I ran away, fathers” saying From Bohemia Interactive Left. The game was on its own.


Announced ‘PUBG: New State’, PUBG Mobile’s New Version to Have Unique Graphics

Of course, you should definitely not forget that The War Z has already been a game that the publisher and producer left behind and ran away, and the survival player was completely unattended when it came to DayZ, which was so inaccurate. Daybreak Game Company (former Sony Online Entertainment) looked that there is a gap in the market, we eat his bread, daddy said that and H1Z1 appeared.

H1Z1 was released, but what’s released?

H1Z1 stepped into a mixed market in a flash. Behind Sony’s Almost every player who cannot get the taste of online Survival games “i get this game agaHe logged in saying. Meanwhile, for a reminder of that period, especially in Turkey, these games were very expensive. Youtuber and Twitch.TV Since its publishers also played almost all of the popular games abroad at that time, the reliability of the game suddenly increased.


Developer of H1Z1 Game in Difficult Situation

H1Z1: Battle Royale (King of the Kill) was just a short game mode at that time. So much so that in H1Z1, players who are bored in the survival part enter and hang out “Hunger Games“Because it is a similar system, only to kill time originated as a game mode (aa just like DayZ). H1Z1 cheaters increase in survival mode and players get bored in Survival mode, as a result, many players suddenly say, “Well, we gave so much money to this game. H1Z1: Battle Royal They started to popularize the game mode by logging in.


PlayStation version of H1Z1 announced to reach 10 million players

Daybreak Game Company, CS: GO and From Team Fortress 2 The safe and item system that he saw and added to the game also started to let players spend more time in H1Z1, and the winds of battle royale started to blow all over the world thanks to the players who were not bored with the fast cycle of the battle royale. However, things did not go well here either. Daybreak Game Company started to have quite a problem in developing and modernizing the game. The bugs and glitches found in H1Z1 have come to such a state that the players have come to the point of breaking. What happened in the final, On March 23, 2017 market PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds logged in.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds opened its doors to everyone

Many styles of survival games have entered the market, and even these survival games have announced their own battle royale systems over time. (Ark: Survival Evolved etc.) PubGWe have understood how survival games have evolved within themselves, with only stepping into the battle royale game world. PubG, which sold 4 million in the first 3 months H1Z1In a basic sense, the biggest difference was that it was “more dynamic”. You can play the game in any PC It was quite difficult to play with, as the game required new system requirements. Publishers have done the PR of the game so that the company hardly needs to carry out too much advertising activity at this point.


Update 10.2 for PUBG Released

H1Z1Besides the outdated graphics of PubG because it really provides better graphics and gameplay. From CS: GO was even starting to attract actors. The team following the strategy of H1Z1 “To the Steam Player Market”Logged in. The most logical move PubG has made is to consider the demands of its ever-expanding audience, who have PC problems. The team, which did not want to leave the player pool empty and did not forget the reason for the birth, went into a rare action in the game world.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Begins to Divide

  • PubG
  • PubG Lite
  • PubG Mobile
  • PubG Mobile Lite

PUBG Corporation publishers and Youtubers The fact that it became popular within the country gave birth to a brand new vision. As the number of people who want to play the game increases, the company is for everyone PubG started to adopt his motto. The number of people who could not play the game but only watched broadcasters was quite high. Suddenly, an idea must have arisen: “Why are we not on mobile?”.


Nubia Introduces New Gaming Phone Series Red Magic 6

The idea of ​​opening the game on the mobile platform for free may seem like a big mistake in terms of marketing at first, but “From UC sales”The firm would make a new income arrangement for itself. When that big move comes so everyone can play the game Google Play and At Apple Store The fact that it was the most popular app suddenly caught the attention of the “non-gamer audience”.

PubG Mobile Grows

PubG Mobile for everyone

  • Who don’t have a good computer
  • Quite busy during the day
  • Playing a game every once in a while
  • Who do not want to spend the lunch break

And more and more at once PubG Mobile found inside. We normally lived a life dependent on our devices to be a PC or console gamer. Given the mobility of smartphones in our pocket, it actually PubG Mobile brought even the worst computer gamer to the PubG world. So much so that as soon as we say “I will go home in the evening and play games for hours”, we instantly get connected to the game from the phone.


Viral Video of Game Publisher Easter GamersTV Reacting to 700 TL Game Prices

PubG Corporation his most logical move here is, “What are those who have bad phones, bro? Should we eat stones? ” for those who say PubG Mobile Lite by publishing it did. It is seen that the company, which has a large community by bringing PC and Mobile players together, has fought a great battle in order not to fall into the mistakes of its competitors in the past. So much so that the game has been Of CS: GO even became his rival. Even the PubG team, which attaches great importance to the player and its community, regularly publishes monthly cheat bans.

To summarize, actually;

  • The creation of the survival games market
  • A large community of players who love the market
  • Companies that became popular and fell in a short time in the market
  • Firms that ignore player issues
  • The big deficit in the market
  • Battle royale mode integration of H1Z1 into survival games
  • The birth of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Better computing needs
  • Economic crises in the world
  • The growth of the smartphone market
  • The birth of PubG Mobile
  • PubG for everyone

Of course, behind this success, it can be shown that a company works only on a single concept game. It is revealed how many improvements there are in fact that can only be done within the battle royale concept. When you look at it today, there is a huge world of gamers and games are no longer just for “gamers”.

What do you think after such a long article? Please share your opinion on the incredible rise of PubG Mobile with us in the comments.

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