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Windows, Android and iPadOS Wallpapers from Turkish Designer

by tenderpuls

Turkish designer Kamer Kaan Avdan published the wallpapers he used in his concept works independently from operating system interfaces.

It has published until today iPadOS 15, Windows 20, 2020 model Windows 7, Android 12, 2018 model Windows XP, Windows 11 Turkish designer who managed to create a considerable audience for himself with many concept studies and many more. Kamer Kaan Avdan, has now published special design wallpapers that are “familiar from somewhere”.

In a sense the beloved operating system wallpapers designed for his concepts Publishing independently from concepts, Avdan offers those who want to use wallpapers that look like a picture but are actually just a concept, and can download them externally.

The wallpapers Avdan has published mostly contain concepts related to the past and current Windows versions. Therefore especially Missing Windows 7 and Windows XP We can say that there are wallpapers that users will love a lot.

Kamer Kaan Avdan’s concept wallpapers are as follows:

  • Windows 20
  • If Apple designed Windows 10
  • Windows XP (2019 version)
  • Android 12 (concept)
  • Windows 7 (2020 version)
  • iPadOS 15

The wallpapers published by Kamer Kaan Avdan Google Drive to your folders from here and from here you can reach.

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