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Twitter Working on ‘Undo’ Option

by tenderpuls

Twitter is working on a new option called “Undo”. Invented by developer Jane Manchun Wong, this feature comes into play after you say share a tweet and allows that post to be canceled without being seen by other users.

Twitter, one of the largest social networks in the world, has become a user in the past year. survey and in this survey, it was asked which feature was most desired. One of the options in that poll is that before a tweet is shared could be taken back. This feature seems to be happening now. Known for discovering unpublished features by reverse engineering mobile applications of social media platforms. Jane Manchun WongA share shared with the public how this feature might look.

This feature, which Twitter developers are working on, allows you to save a post a few seconds after you confirm that you can cancel provides. So if you think there is a spelling mistake or you have given up sharing that post, you don’t have to wait for the tweet to be shared. The company is especially pleasing to new users. to provide extra time And thanks to this time, it gives you one last time to control or think.

This is how Twitter’s new feature will look like

The feature that Twitter is developing will appear the moment you share a tweet. The feature you will see as a small pop-up window, “Take it backThe “button will remain visible until the counter is reset. As soon as the counter is reset, your tweet will be shared and your followers will they will be able to see.


Twitter’s Clubhouse similar property in Turkey have been Spaces Start Testing

When the “Undo” button that Twitter is working on will be available is yet to be Unknown. Also, whether this feature will come to both iOS and Android at the same time, or whether a group of users will have to wait. it is not clear

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