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Turkey Show Announced GeForce Now Official

by tenderpuls

Turkcell Game + cooperation with the cloud gaming platform began beta testing last month in Turkey GeForce Now Turkey’s official price has been announced as $ 74.90 per month.

Developed by Nvidia and the GeForce opened last year in many countries for use in Nowa cloud gaming system to beta testers in Turkey 15 February 2021was started in.

Since March 15, 2021, Turkey will start to serve out publicly servers GeForce Now price he had been thinking about it for a long time. It seems possible to say that the announced price is slightly above expectations.

Nvidia GeForce Now Turkey price:

  • Basic: Free of charge
  • Premium package: 74.90 TL / month
  • 3-month single subscription exclusive to the launch: 49.90 TL / month

For detailed information about GeForce Now and subscription, you can reach GamePlus here. Note that in the Basic, that is, the package that you can use for free, the session time is limited to 1 hour. If you want to take advantage of the Premium package, you have 6 hours of session time to comfortably meet your daily gaming needs and RTX feature you can also use.

If you benefit from the 3-month launch special package, you need to pay at once, but in total Up to 45 TL advantageous Let us state that you can pass.


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