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There Are Two Turntables Where You Can Make Your Virtual Radio Program

by tenderpuls

Turntable.fm, which closed in 2013, is back with both the original app and Turntable.org. Both the interface and the user experience of the application are almost the same as the day he left it.

Turntable.fm, a website that allowed users to create their own radio stations and DJ sets until it was unplugged in 2013, is spinning from the dead, so to speak. Moreover, in two different formats… New “Turntable“The first of its projects is the original with the participation of Billy Chasen, one of the founders of the site. Turntable.fmwill be the return of. The second project will be available in April with the beta version. Turntable.org it will be.

Although both sites focus on the same service, their user experiences and service methods will be different. Turntable.org is one of the users subscription fee This is definitely not a bad idea, considering that the original Turntable went bankrupt. The original Turntable.fm, on the other hand, will continue to serve exactly where it left off, at least for the time being.

In the resurrected Turntable.fm, you can stick a “GameStop” tag to your virtual DJ computer.

Create a virtual room in the original Turntable.fm app for your audience a music-focused radio show you create. For the moment, the songs you can play in your Turntable.fm room seem to be limited to those on YouTube. There’s also a SoundCloud integration that isn’t working yet.

Since Turntable.fm returns after a long hiatus, there is more than expected interest in the site. “521” error It is extremely possible that you will encounter with. We can also say that if you can log in somehow, Turntable.fm you will encounter is almost the same as the application that said goodbye to users in 2013.


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Nevertheless, the developers have added some innovations in line with the dynamics of 2021. In this context, you have a mask on your avatar and a virtual DJ computer in the room. GameStop tag you can glue it.

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