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Google Will Update its Chrome Browser More Frequently

by tenderpuls

Search giant Google announced that it will shorten the version cycle of the Chrome browser. According to the statement, new updates for the browser will be released every four weeks instead of six weeks.

US-based search giant GoogleHas been releasing new updates for the Chrome browser every six weeks for a long time. However, the company released a new announcement, starting with Chrome 94 in the third quarter of this year, the frequency of these updates released. six weeks to four weeks announced that he would download.

For the last decade, the company has released updates for the stable version of Chrome every six weeks, and smaller security-focused patches every two weeks. Company, the browser version cycle of It aims to shorten it so that users can access the latest stable version more quickly.

New features will be released faster:

Along with Google’s shortening the version cycle of the Chrome browser new features will be published faster. So users won’t have to wait long to use new features.

The company also provides services every eight weeks for corporate clients. Extended Stability He also announced that he will present his updates. These updates, which will be security-focused, will come to the beta version of Chrome every two weeks, and it will take eight weeks to reach the stable version.

Browser updates, website compatibility and security risks It is of great importance in matters such as. In addition to being more secure, up-to-date browsers also performance It promises a better experience in the sense.

At this point, Google aims to improve the internet experience of users by shortening the release frequency of Chrome updates and to compete with their competitors in the market. One of the company’s most important competitors in the browser industry Mozilla also uses a four-week update cycle for Firefox.


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Google besides changing the version cycle of the Chrome browser Chrome OS reported that it plans to release more than one stable version option. The company, which does not give much information about the subject for now, stated that the details will be announced later.

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