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A New Behzat Ç. TV Series Allegedly On the Road

by tenderpuls

A new Behzat Ç. It turned out that the series will be shot. It is stated that this series will be adapted from Emrah Serbes’s Behzat Ç: Çekiç ve Gül novel, it will be 3 seasons and will be broadcast on Netflix. However, this production will be a little different from the Behzat Ç. We are used to.

A period marked by the and Turkey managed to become one of the most popular domestic series Behzat Ç.It was claimed that a new version of will be shot. Her novel “Behzat Ç: Çekiç ve Gül”, penned by Emrah Serbes to Tele1’s news and will be published in May, will also appear as a series. Moreover, it is stated that this series will take place on Netflix.

According to the information obtained, the series likely to be broadcast in the coming months is Behzat Ç. it would be a little different from their productions. James bond Stating that a character was created in the style of, Tele1 states that there will be a different lead role for each season. Speaking of the season, the series From 3 seasons Let us state that it is stated that it will occur.

Cast work started

Among the information obtained about the series, Behzat Ç: Çekiç and Gül was undertaken by Insignia Production, Emrah Serbes that he will be both a screenwriter and a director There are details such as. While the studies on who will be the lead role are continuing, as of yesterday reported to be started.


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By the way, to clear your confusion Emrah SerbesIt is necessary to say a few words about. The famous writer was involved in a fatal car accident a few years ago, but this traffic accident was claimed by a friend of Serbes. Serbes, who made a statement towards the end of 2017, was arrested by confessing that he had done the accident himself. In 2018 13 years 4 months Sentenced to prison, Freelance is one of those released due to COVID-19. So Free, for a while not under arrest and therefore he will be able to direct the series.

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