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10 Military-Grade Tactics for ‘ArmA 3’

by tenderpuls

ArmA 3, one of the strongest representatives of the realistic war game genre, has a growing player base for years. As a newcomer to the game, it is also very difficult to stand against people who have been playing for years. We have compiled a list of Arma 3 tactics to help both beginners and experienced players.

When it comes to war simulation, the ArmA series is the first thing that comes to mind for most of us. Since 2006 Although it has only appeared with 3 different games since then, its unique gameplay and the series, which is constantly supported by additional packages, has an incredible success. Even better, Battle Royale, one of the most popular game genres today, was largely built within ArmA.

Standing out with its realistic structure, ArmA 3 is much more than a shooter game. The game is so comprehensive that it has been filled with people who have been researching how to play the internet game since its release in 2013. That’s why we took the pen and paper, a Arma 3 tactics We prepared a list.

ArmA 3 tactics:

  • If you are a beginner, do not skip the single player mode,
  • Turn off the motion blur setting,
  • Turn off the head shaking effect,
  • Mark your goals,
  • Change your posture according to the situation,
  • Look around without turning the gun,
  • Make sure you are in an advantageous position before starting the conflict,
  • Clash by placing your gun,
  • You can zoom sniper binoculars,
  • Understand the difference between taking cover and hiding.

To ArmA 3 If you are new to play the single player mode:

While Arma 3 is usually bought and played for different modes on the multiplayer side, there is actually a single player mode that is definitely worth playing. What’s even better is that the game makers actually use this single player mode as a great teaching tool. Cleverly designed single player mode like a training episode is game related like weapon control, weight limit basic information you learn quickly.

Turn off the motion blur setting:

rigging 3 motion blur

Turning off the motion blur setting is a common move in FPS games. Moreover, there is really no need for this setting in a realistic FPS game like ArmA 3. Even the gaming experience it affects badly. The first reason it affects the game experience badly is that it makes it blurry while you are moving and prevents you from having comprehensive information about your surroundings. The second is that it reduces the amount of frames you get per second during the game.

Turn off head shaking effect:

rigging 3 nights

In the game settings “headbobThere is an option called ”. The purpose of this setting is to add realism to the game. What it does is make it feel like your character shakes his head while running, just like in real life. He shakes the camera to achieve this. In other words, you see shaky while running. Yes, the effect has a positive effect on realism. we have no objection But do we really need a camera that shakes as we fight against other people?

Mark the targets:

marking the coat of arms 3

ArmA is a game known for maximizing excitement with its high-level realistic mechanics. This can sometimes lead to overlooking or forgetting very basic things. Marking targets is one of them. Marking targets is the most effective way to easily tell your team where the enemy is or what you are currently busy with. And this With the “T” key you can If you wish, you can assign this setting to a key that you can access more easily from within the game controls.

Change your posture according to the situation:

3 postures of the rigging

In ArmA 3, you can lean right, left and even forward or back without having to take a step. We are not talking about bending with the Q and E keys. CTRL while holding down the key W, A, S, D Click any of the buttons to lean in the direction you want. This way, you can create the right angle to fire without having to change your position or leave your cover. In ArmA 3 leaving cover is not a good idea.

You don’t need to turn the weapon to look around:

rigging 3 mountains

The head-turning feature, which has become widespread with games like PUBG, has actually been present in ArmA 3 for years. The reason PUBG has this feature is that it is actually an ArmA 3 mode. Environmental awareness is one of the most important factors in games such as ArmA 3, where there are plenty of open terrain conflicts. Therefore, collecting information about your surroundings without turning the gun is something you should do often. In the game ALT key You can use this feature by pressing.

Make sure you are in an advantageous position before starting a conflict:

coat of arms 3

Being a well-aimed player is not enough to win the battle in ArmA 3. When you have a chance, you should make the right planning before every conflict you will make. To start shooting the enemy as soon as you see it means signing your death warrant. Are you in an area where you can protect yourself during combat, is the enemy outnumbered, are there any trenches the enemy can take after hearing the sound of fire? All of these questions quickly answer You should determine your approach accordingly.

If you really don’t have to fight and you don’t have an obvious advantage over the enemy, think twice before shooting. If you have a chance to advance unseen to your enemies rather than show them your position yourself and your team Do not throw into the line of fire while standing still.

Even if your enemies behave before you and start firing, do not forget to start running to the nearest trench as soon as possible and occasionally make blind shots to the area where you guess the enemy is located. Thus, your enemies also will feel in danger and you will be able to make enough time to take cover.

Don’t forget to place your weapon when fighting:

Arma 3 weapon installation

Contrary to what we often see in Hollywood movies, in real life soldiers rarely fight in action in operations that take place. Since ArmA 3 is a simulation that stands out with its realism, it is very difficult to fight in motion. One of the most powerful tactics you can use while fighting where you are standing is to place your weapon on a suitable surface and minimize your margin of error. If you are using the default settings of the game, you can press the “C” key to place your weapon.

Use the zoom feature of sniper scope:

arma 3 weapon scope

Sniper rifles are the first weapon everyone uses in long-range combat. However, sometimes the distance is so high that even the binoculars of sniper rifles do not allow us to see the target big enough. In such cases, move the binoculars closer by using a feature found in most sniper binoculars. You can do this with the “+” key on your keyboard.

Understand the difference between taking cover and hiding:

coat of arms 3 camouflage

We’ve often talked about how important cover is in ArmA 3 so far. There is one more thing you can do besides taking cover while protecting an area. It is also hiding. Most beginners feel safe when in hiding. However, no matter how well you hide, you will be surrounded by bullets. if there is nothing to protect Once enemies notice you, you’re out of luck.

This is all the advice we will give about ArmA 3, the legend of military war simulation. in Turkey too a wide range of players If there are tactics you want to give about the game you have, you can use the comments section. See you in our new tactics article!

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