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The Site That Says Twice The Bitcoin You Have Deposited

by tenderpuls

There has been another example of fraud that requires your attention while surfing the internet. The fraudsters, who set up a site to instantly get back 2 times the Bitcoin you threw on Elon Musk, managed to get 5 Bitcoins from one person with this method.

It has become popular again in recent months and is currently on the agenda. crypto coinsIt whets the appetite of millions of people who want to quickly multiply their money. While the people who have made the right investments in this field in the past years have been crypto money riches, it is also very difficult or even impossible to follow these coins. It also paves the way for fraudsters to operate in this field.

Especially in the last days Elon Musk‘s investments in cryptocurrencies and his statements on his Twitter account helped multiply the value of these coins very quickly. Here are some scammers who take this opportunity “Instantly get back 2 times the Bitcoin you thrown to Elon Musk” who thinks that they will earn money easily by establishing a site with the motto manages to deceive people. In the latest incident, a person sent 5 Bitcoins to the scammers, which he believed would get back twice from Elon Musk. Currently worth more than 250 thousand dollars (1.8 million TL) 5 Bitcoin, of course, it didn’t come back to double.

It is useful to be careful against such scams.

This style that we have been hearing more frequently lately In cases of fraud, malicious people can collect high amounts of money using the names of famous people. Remember; The internet is full of people trying to trick people who want to make money the easy way. In particular, the fact that the tracking of cryptocurrencies is almost impossible makes these scams easier.



Cyber ​​Scammers Try to Deceive People by Imitating Vaccination

Of course, such fraudulent acts do not only occur in cryptocurrencies or on the internet. By calling you on the phone “You won a free vacation, you just need to pay the tax” You may also encounter scams in style. For this reason, we recommend that you do not give your money to anyone for the sake of earning more, whether it is crypto money or different ways. Remember that scammers are behind almost all of these kinds of incidents.

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