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SpaceX Sent 60 More Starlink Satellites into Orbit

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SpaceX launched 60 more satellites that will provide internet service from space within the scope of its Starlink project. With this launch, the company has placed the Starlink satellite in orbit for the fifth time in 2021 and for the twentieth time in total. If the rocket named Starship is completed, a new era will begin for Starlink.

SpaceX, the space company of Elon Musk, has been Starlink He is also working on a project called. Filling the earth with satellites everywhere to take internet aiming The satellites that will provide the internet within the scope of this project are sent to space piece by piece. Today 60 more satellites The company that sent it to orbit made 20 satellite transmissions in total for the fifth time in 2021.

Especially fully experience the Internet in countries such as Turkey can change The Starlink project, which has potential, has recently been used by ordinary people. In this context, a beta recording program initiating SpaceX has reached 10 thousand users a few days after launching the program. had explained. So today, some people already use Starlink’s internet service. they can use. The last launch, on the other hand, is both to reach more users and to improving will provide.

If the Starship rocket can be completed, the Starlink project will progress very quickly.

Starlink isn’t the only project SpaceX has been working on. The company aims to transport people to extraterrestrial places such as the Moon and Mars, Starship It is also working on a rocket named. Even though this rocket finally exploded last night, it was a successful test. realized. If this rocket project can be completed, for Starlink a new era will be started.


Ambitious Statement by Elon Musk: Starlink Will Double the Speed ​​of Internet This Year

Elon Musk’s space company, Starlink satellites Falcon-9 It leaves it in orbit with a rocket called. However, this rocket can carry a maximum of 60 satellites per launch due to its capacity. The Starship rocket, on which the studies are continuing, is 400 satellites capable of carrying. This means that SpaceX can deliver almost 7 times as many satellites in a single launch. Such a situation, SpaceX’s to the costs While making a very serious contribution, people who have problems with internet access will be served much faster.

By the way; As Webtekno, we have also been included in Starlink’s beta program, and we have an overview of exactly what this technology will offer. we prepared a video. If you want to watch that video and learn more about Starlink, you can here We are waiting for our content.

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https://techcrunch.com/2021/03/04/spacex-launches-60-new-starlink-satellites-while-starship-moves-closer-to-being-able-to-launch-up-to-400- at-a-time /

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