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Samsung Sets 5G Speed ​​Record with 5.23 Gbps

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Testing a new technology that makes it possible to use 4G and 5G networks simultaneously, Samsung broke the record by reaching a download speed of 5.23 Gbps.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced that it has reached record high download speeds by using both 4G and 5G base stations at the same time. According to the statement made, in the trial conducted in the Samsung laboratory in South Korea, the 40 MHz 4G frequency and the 800 MHz 5G frequency were combined in mmWave in a single device using E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology. Up to 5.23 Gbps download speed has been reached.

According to Samsung’s statements, the company’s existing commercial end-to-end connectivity solutions devices and Samsung Galaxy S20 +4G signals, 5G signals (Compact Macro Link) and 4G / 5G common core (Link) were used. 5.23 Gbps download speed achieved last year with MU-MIMO technology 4.25 Gbps speed record left behind.

Samsung stated that the EN-DC technology used during the test in question could be used by operators to maximize the advantages of both networks and offer higher connection speeds, better coverage and reliability. Samsung offers greater efficiency during testing and combines multiple spectrum channels. from carrier sets He also conveys that he has benefited.

Making a statement on the subject, Samsung’s vice president Ji-Yun Seol stated that Samsung has revolutionized 5G technology with the test it has performed and has shown the power of offering 4G and 5G as a pair to users. Increasing its presence in 5G end-to-end solutions, especially due to the fact that Huawei is under the US embargo, Samsung has been working with operators in many countries. 5G network equipment supply agreements has signed.

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