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Paramount Plus Goes Available Today

by tenderpuls

Paramount Plus, the broadcasting platform that will replace CBS All Access of the giant production and distribution company Paramount, will enter service today. The streaming platform will host more content, along with the contents of CBS All Access.

While digital broadcasting platforms continue to host more and more users every day, we are also witnessing the emergence of new platforms. Today, the broadcast platform where the giant production and distribution company Paramount challenges the other giants of the industry. Paramount Pluswill start its service life.

Paramount Plus will not be a completely new streaming platform. Platform, CBS All Access It will be a platform that replaces the service. However, this change does not mean that the new platform does not have the same content. Paramount with CBS All Access contents to Paramount Plus platform considerable will present new content.

What content will Paramount Plus offer to its users?

Among the content announced to be published on Paramount Plus, there will be some content that has been published previously and has received great acclaim. for example iCarly and Frasierwill be two of these ingredients. In addition, productions such as Star Trek: Picard and The Good Fight presented in CBS All Access will also take their place on the platform. In addition, the series of the legendary game series Halo will also be published on Paramount Plus.

In addition, the platform will include live news and sports content of ViacomCBS. The platform will become a platform where CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and Paramount Network contents meet. Your studio Top Gun: Maverick, A Quiet Place 2 and Mission: Impossible 7 such expected productions will also take place on the platform. Platform, more than 2,000 classic movies in total will host.


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What will the Paramount Plus cost be, in which countries will it be available?

Paramount Plus is currently on a month to be the same as CBS All Access. $ 5.99 (about $ 45) has subscription price. To get rid of advertisements on the platforms $ 9.99 (about $ 75) there is a subscription package. The platform to be put into service in the USA and Latin America today, 25 March It will be published in the Nordic countries. Whether the platform will enter the service in Europe. not yet announced.

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