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Netflix, Turkey Announces Deals to Make Why Zam

by tenderpuls

The world’s most preferred platform for paid content from Netflix, Turkey had updated the prices. The platform’s spokesperson made an official statement regarding the price hike.

In recent years, increasing the number of Netflix content produced in Turkey, made in December 2020 to raise prices in the US, and this step was interpreted as a sign that the price increases in other countries.

Turkey prices of the platform update as of March 3, did raise the monthly fee of between 30% and 50%. The new prices were naturally met with reaction from existing users.

Clarification and quality increase promise from Netflix about the price increase:

Netflix, which sends us the official announcement about the new prices, “In Turkey To enrich our content library and further increase our service quality We are updating the membership fees. “ quality increase dramatically in the fact that users have been promised is happening in Turkey. The rest of the explanation is as follows:

“With this change, we will continue to offer productions suitable for all ages and tastes together with an entertainment experience that adds pleasure to the lives of our members. We have shaped our monthly fees that we will implement as of March 4: Basic plan 26.99 TL, Standard plan 40.99 TL, Special the plan is 54.99 TL. As always, our members will be able to choose from these three plans that we offer the most suitable option for them. “

Netflix’s promise of quality improvement, actually criticism in Turkey shows that he is listening. However, after the new prices, time will show how Netflix users in our country will approach the situation.

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