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How Much Are Netflix Membership Fees? Here are 2021 prices

by tenderpuls

Netflix, the most popular online series and movie viewing platform in recent years, also see the intense interest in Turkey. You can learn about the 2021 current prices of this platform, which tries to appeal to almost everyone’s budget, how to become a member of Netflix and how to delete your account from this article.

Netflix, check with the local arrays further increasing in popularity in Turkey. With a monthly subscription system hundreds of Thanks to this platform that offers a choice of movies and series, our need for television is gradually decreasing. Netflix, to its viewers three different Since it offers a subscription system, it appeals to almost everyone’s budget.

Especially considering the money we pay for the paid channels we buy to watch movies or series on TV, Netflix membership fees with hundreds of series and movies to offer gives advantage. In this article, where we present the 2021 fees of Netflix, how to to become a member and if you already have a subscription, how that you will delete we are telling.

Netflix membership fees:

  • Basic membership: 26.99 TL / month – Single device, SD resolution
  • Standard HD: $ 40.99 / month – Two devices, HD resolution
  • Exclusive Ultra HD: 54.99 TL / month – 4 devices, Full and Ultra HD resolution

How to get a Netflix membership?

netflix subscription

  • Step # 1: Go to Netflix’s official website,
  • Step # 2: After entering your e-mail address, click on “Try Now”,
  • Step # 3: Click on the “Continue” option after selecting the plan that suits you best on the screen that appears,
  • Step # 4: Set your own password with your e-mail address.
  • Step # 5: Choose a payment method that suits you.

When you go to your browser’s Netflix page, you are already Getting a Netflix membership greets the screen. After you enter the necessary information here and choose the plan that suits you and complete the payment option, your subscription to Netflix begins. Netflix only charges you monthly and does not offer any commitment conditions.

How to delete a Netflix membership?

netflix subscription

  • Step # 1: After logging in to Netflix, go to the “Account” section in the upper right corner,
  • Step # 2: Click on the “Cancel Membership” option on the screen that appears,
  • Step # 3: Click on the “Complete Cancellation” option on the left of the screen,

When you decide to delete your Netflix account, the process is simple. You can cancel your account at any time without making any additional payments. For this, you need to follow the steps given above after logging into Netflix with your own account. “Cancel Membership” After clicking, Netflix offers to switch you to a lower plan if the fee is over your budget. However, if you are determined to cancel, click on the “Complete Cancellation” option on the left. Netflix membership deletion You can complete the process.

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