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Clubhouse-Like Twitter Spaces Tests in Our Country

by tenderpuls

Can’t join Clubhouse, the latest sensational platform of social media because you don’t have an iOS device? Twitter has begun testing for its Clubhouse-like feature Spaces.

Recently, the most talked about social media platform Clubhouse While the platform, which only allows voice calls, has become the favorite of many iOS users. The platform where one term invitations are sold with money Before starting to serve on Android May face an important opponent.

One of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter, Clubhouse-like feature Spaces working on it. According to the latest information from across the country tested the Spaces feature is located in Turkey. Similar moves may come from other platforms after Twitter.

Twitter is after its own Clubhouse

In fact, Twitter has been working on the Spaces feature for a long time. After the great success of Clubhouse, Twitter made a change in its plans and focused on the new feature.

Android users in beta testing for these tests while still able to use Spaces is located in Turkey. With the new feature, users can interact with other people in their “space” can come together and explain their views. Twitter states that its users will have full control over these channels.


Clubhouse Failed to Grow in Security and Privacy

Twitter immediately caught the wind of the Clubhouse favor and especially wants to be the voice social media tool of the people on the Android platform. In beta tests for now, the feature is offered to a very small group of users.

How can you participate in Twitter Spaces tests?



Twitter’s Clubhouse-like Service ‘Twitter Spaces’ Starts Testing On Android

Before you can access Spaces app on Twitter beta user you must be. You can register for the beta program on the Google Play Store. Once the feature is defined to you, you can start using the Spaces feature.

Those who can enter the beta process will have their own space when they click the Spaces icon on the far left in the menu they open by long pressing the new Tweet creation button. To speak Up to 10 guests can be invited. These people will also have the right to decide who can speak.

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