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A New Dungeons & Dragons Game Is Coming

by tenderpuls

Hidden Path Entertainment, which developed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, announced that it has started working on a new game. The most striking aspect of this AAA game in development is that it will be the newest member of the “Dungeons & Dragons” series, which was first released in 1974 and has made dozens of games to date.

USA based video game development company Hidden Path Entertainmentannounced that it is working on a new AAA game. The game being developed according to the statements made by the company will be in the RPG type. In addition, gamers will include this game in the “Dungeons & Dragons” series that has been in our lives for years. So a brand new Dungeons & Dragons game is now officially on the way.

You may not have paid attention to the name Hidden Path Entertainment until now. However, this company Valvethe game that took the market by storm Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveIt is the team that developed it. So Hidden Path Entertainment proved to be an important name in the industry years ago. Now, this company seems to have had the opportunity to make its voice heard by many more players.

Limited information about the new Dungeons & Dragons game

Dungeons & Dragons is actually much more than a video game. For the first time in 1974 Developed and released by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, the game has managed to become one of the favorites of millions of gamers over the years. The newest member of the series, which has been presented to the players with dozens of different versions, including boxed productions, will also be developed by Hidden Path Entertainment.


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A detailed explanation of the new game of Dungeons & Dragons did not. In this context, details such as the release date of the game and what it will offer are not yet available. However, for now, the upcoming game will also contain the original elements of the series, accordingly to the players. RPG experience in a fantastic open world We can already say that it will be presented. Meanwhile, Hidden Path Entertainment has also started to publish job postings for the game it will develop.

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