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Disappearing Photos Feature Coming to WhatsApp

by tenderpuls

WhatsApp developers are working on a feature that makes photos disappear on their own. With the feature available, users will be able to send photos that will disappear the moment they exit the chat page. However, this feature also has the possibility of being stillborn.

It has been revealed that WhatsApp developers are working on a new feature for the Android and iOS version of the application. Known for his work on WhatsApp WABetaInfo This feature, discovered by, enables photos sent in chats to self-destruct. Just like the “self-destructing messages” that started to spread a while ago, now “self-destructing photos“It will have entered our lives.

WhatsApp users are on the photo sending page with the introduction of the new feature. a new button they will see. The user who clicks this button before sending the image will have sent a self-destructing photo. However, this time, a specific date adjustment will not be made as in the messages. The moment you leave the chat page, that image will disappear and cannot be viewed again.

While the feature looks nice, it has one major drawback: The screenshot function is not restricted.

The feature WhatsApp is developing, especially the type that users who share private images can love. However, according to the reviews made by WABetaInfo, this feature has a big deficiency. This shortcoming is for the images in question. screen recording inability to restrict It comes across as. So when you take a photo that will disappear, you will be able to take a screenshot of that photo. As such will be born dead It is unknown whether the feature will take a screenshot when it reaches the stable version.


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It is not known when the feature WhatsApp developers are working on will be available. However, this feature is very After a short time beta users are expected to reach the stable version. More details about the self-disappearing photos feature, in the coming days will be revealed.

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