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Caviar Introduces iPad Pro With ‘Tree’ Theme Over 1 Million TL

by tenderpuls

Caviar, known for designing ultra-luxurious and expensive Apple devices, introduced new ultra-luxury Apple designs. Among these apple tree-themed designs, there was also an iPad Pro model that was heart-wrenching with its price, which was a source of distress and could awaken many such events. The price of the iPad Pro exceeds 1 million TL in TL.

If you are a strict follower of Apple devices, Caviar You must have heard of the brand. Caviar, a Russian company, is known for producing incredibly expensive and equally ‘luxurious’ Apple devices that are worth its name. Caviar reproduces Apple’s iPad and iPhone models with interesting designs, as well as the designs of the devices it produces, as well as the incredibly high It is always on the agenda with price tags.

Today, Caviar introduced its new series with its price tag, where it plays with our mental health, blows our lips and involuntarily expose it to such effects. The most striking model of the new series, which is Apple Tree theme and decorated with golden details, is iPad Pro became a model. Because we just mentioned, with its price playing with human settings The device is the iPad Pro model decorated with Caviar’s apple tree wood.

Would you buy an iPad Pro for 185,000 dollars ($ 1,375,418)?

Caviar in its new collection $ 8,190 ($ 60,888) iPhone 12 Pro ‘Diamond Apple’, $ 6,080 (TL 45,201) iPhone 12 Pro ‘Golden Apple’ and three iPad Pro models. if “Is 45 thousand TL given to a phone, brother? Did you get high?” If you are one of those who say, you haven’t seen anything yet. Because the iPad Pro model adorned with apple tree wood introduced by Caviar is sold at an unprecedented price.

Most expensive device in the collection, $ 185,000 (1 million 375 thousand 418 TL) worth iPad Pro. Seeing the price “I’ll buy this and that for that money” We seem to hear what you say, and you’re right. Because, in our opinion, to give 1 million TL to a tablet just because it was made from apple tree and decorated with a few gold pieces. mental profit is not a business. Of course, if you find the money from the street or print money, things can change.

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