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An exploding iPhone X is subject to lawsuit in the US

by tenderpuls

A scientist living in the USA decided to sue Apple. The reason why the man named Robert De Rose decided on such a lawsuit is the iPhone X, which exploded in his pocket in 2019.Rose says he decided to sue Apple for not getting an official return from Apple.

Working as a scientist at a university in the USA Robert de roseHad a very unfortunate incident in 2019. An iPhone X used by the scientist in those years surrendered to flames out of nowhere. The phone, which was in the scientist’s pocket at the time of the incident, was also on Rose’s leg due to the fire that broke out after the explosion. 2nd degree burns led. This incident, which happened about 2 years ago, is now being brought to court.

The scientist said that he did not understand anything from the sound he heard at the time of the incident, but noticed the incident upon the pain that occurred in his leg, while removing the phone that was burning in his pocket with his hand. that you can’t believe your eyessays he watched the iPhone X turn to ash when he threw the phone to the ground. Well this scientist doesn’t want to sue why two years later decided?

Apple hasn’t revealed this incident for two years

* It is a visual representation.

Making statements on the subject, the scientist says that he contacted Apple after the incident and explained the situation. Apple, on the other hand, has said that it has examined the incident and that it cares about customer satisfaction. uncovered. The scientist, who does not want to waste any more time, decides to make a joint lawsuit against Apple by making an agreement with another person in the same situation. If the other Apple user Apple Watch He said that he overheated and burned his arm, but Apple did not return to this customer.


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By the way, the phone explosion incidents that are the subject of our news are more In the Android ecosystem Although it is happening, there are iPhones that explode. For example, in addition to this incident, in 2018, the iPhone 6 surrendered to the flames while trying to be repaired. The reason for such explosions is mostly due to battery. A to open casecan provide more details about the explosions experienced …

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