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Amazon Prime Gaming’s March Free Games Announced

by tenderpuls
Amazon Prime Gaming'in Toplam Fiyatı 156 TL Olan Mart Ayı Ücretsiz Oyunları Açıklandı

Prime Gaming, Amazon’s exclusive subscription system for players, continues to offer free games every month. The games that Amazon Prime Gaming will give free of charge during the month of March have been announced. If you are an Amazon Prime Gaming subscriber, you will be able to get Blasphemous, Boomerang Fu, Tengami, Bomber Crew and Sky Drift games for free this month.

One of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to e-commerce site Amazonworks not only in the e-commerce sector, but also in other sectors. One of these services is that Twitch users are particularly familiar with. Prime Gaming service. Amazon Prime Gaming, which has been put into service in the past years and offers many important advantages to gamers, also includes free games.

Amazon Prime Gaming continues to distribute free games this month as every month. Amazon Prime Gaming Turkey According to the list published by Prime Gaming subscribers this month, five games will be available for free. Although not very popular these days “Nothing left to play” Let’s see what are the five games that we think will please the gamers who are in the mode.

Games that Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can have for free in March

Blasphemous (60 TL)

If you like the deadly and action-packed platform games like Hack’n Slash, Blasphemous is the game for you. In the game where you step into the cursed world of Cystodia, you carry the task of lifting the endless curse on your shoulders. Of course, since everything to be done for this sake is permissible, it is part of your duty to reap and eliminate the enemies that come before you.

Boomerang Fu (25 TL)

“How long are the single player games, brother, where is it to have fun with friends?” If you are tired of games such as Among Us, Fall Guys or Pummel Party, which are the most popular games of recent times, Boomerang Fu will offer you what you are looking for. In this game where you choose your favorite food and jump into battle, it’s up to you to shred, freeze or fry your opponents.

Tengami (13.50 TL)

One of the reasons you want to play Tengami is that the atmosphere of the games that embody Japanese culture is good. In Tengami, where you embark on adventures in a book, you will fold the paper world you travel through, turn it over and reach your goal in order to solve puzzles and secrets.

Bomber Crew – Deluxe Edition (40 TL)

Bomber Crew, a strategy / simulation game, will make you feel the fine line between winning and losing. Choosing the right team, keeping your bomber in top shape at all times, and setting the right strategy will be the only key to your victory.

Sky Drift (18 TL)

Don’t be fooled by the name drift, Sky Drift is not just a racing game. Sky Drift will take you on an adrenaline-filled adventure in the sky, where you will both show your flying skills and feel the war to the bottom.


Amazon Prime is Free to Mastercard Owners for the First 2 Months

If you do not have an Amazon Prime Gaming membership and want to have free games like these games every month, you can go to Amazon Prime Gaming’s page by clicking here. If you want to know more about what Amazon Prime Gaming is, you can check our related content by clicking here.

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