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Uludağ Dictionary Hacked: Some Pages Cannot Be Accessed

by tenderpuls

A group of hackers calling themselves “TurkDef” organized a cyber attack on some pages in Uludağ Dictionary. Hackers, who seized 4 pages of Uludağ Dictionary within the scope of the attacks, continue to keep 3 of them under control.

which is one of Turkey’s most popular online dictionaries Uludag Dictionaryseems to be facing a major hacking incident. Some pages in the dictionary, which has 345 thousand 96 members according to its own statistics and where more than 26 million entries have been made so far, inaccessible. The hackers who carried out the attack post their own messages on those pages.

When we look at the messages shared by the hackers, behind this attack “TurkDefHackers who attack four different pages in the dictionary are 3 of them they continue to retain control. On the other hand, “Gallery”, which is among the pages that was attacked, seems to be included in Uludağ Dictionary.

No statement has been made on the subject

When we look at the official social media accounts opened by Uludağ Dictionary, no explanation was given We see. TurkDef, on the other hand, announced the attack with a post on Instagram. The most interesting thing is that although it will be almost a day after the hacking incident, the hacked pages uncontrollable to be.

Attacks have been carried out to the following pages

TurkDef, in the pages it has acquired “Prepare the skis, we came to ski in Uludağ.“and”We said to your pleasure, let’s hack the dictionary. We thought Uludağ would go well with snowy penguins.They shared messages such as “. computer hijackers who they are is also among these messages.


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The Uludağ Sözlük attack is not a first for TurkDef. Even it won’t be the last. Because this team has been National GeographicWith organizations such as Red Bull, Mazda, Decathlon and Philips Barbara palvinThey hacked websites belonging to famous names such as Linkin Park Group and Serkan İnci and made their voices heard to the world.

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