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Redmi K40 Enters Top 10 with AnTuTu Score

by tenderpuls

Rankings began to change in AnTuTu test results in February. In AnTuTu’s “most powerful phones of February” list, the Redmi K40 overturned its flagships and settled in the top 10.

Redmi K40 ‘on the AnTuTu list to the top 10 entering everyone surprised. Recently flagship dominated by phones AnTuTu The fact that the K40, which is called the weakest phone in the series, entered the top 10, reveals how successful the phone is.

Located between Snapdragon 865+ and 888 Snapdragon 870 manufactured with the K40 OPPO Reno5 Pro + 5G it is not said that it did not confuse the heads. Snapdragon 865 Oppo Reno5 with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory; Passing by the Redmi K40 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory seems to lift a lot of water in this market.

Redmi K40 Pro pushing the heights

Redmi K40 Pro As AnTuTu placed 3rd in the top 10 list With Snapdragon 888 It is already clear how flagship phones will make their mark on this year. Likewise, if you think about it, it is one of the biggest factors that iQOO7 and Vivo X60 Pro + take the first two places from Redmi K40 Pro. 4 GB RAM difference. There is no extreme difference between the two models released with 12 GB RAM + 256 GB internal memory. If the Redmi K40 Pro was launched with 12 GB of RAM AnTuTu We could see a difference in the score.


Impressive Display Details of the Flagship Redmi K40, which attracts attention with its low price

With Snapdragon 888 As a result of the introduction of smart phone models, February was quite active in terms of the technology market. 5th in the list Kirin 9000 Processor Mate 40 Pro also surprised many of its competitors. As 2021 will be even more active for the smartphone market, the new technology processor creates a new competitive market. Companies SFebruary they will take your month very seriously. Again, the smartphone models that are preparing for the release this year will be affected by Redmi’s success.

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