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Is Android 12 Really New?

by tenderpuls

Google has been eagerly waiting for Android users for a while Android 12 working on it. During this period, we heard a lot of news about this new version of Android and had the opportunity to get an idea of ​​the new features that are thought to be future. With the release of the first developer version of Android 12 recently, some features are now final.

However, there are also rumors that have not been finalized yet and have appeared in various sources. In this video for you, we have Android 12 the definitive innovations We took a close look at what will change.

What innovations will Android 12 bring?

One of the features that are sure to come up with Android 12 is the option of sharing Wi-Fi. With this feature, Android users, as in Android 11 QR code without the need to share Wi-Fi with will be able to share Wi-Fi directly.

Another feature is a new enhancement that will allow us to make various edits on the screenshots. Also, Android users will now have a theme system that changes the color scheme according to their wallpapers. Along with the changing wallpaper your icons and the color of the theme will also change.

Lower format images to save on storage and more:

android 12

One of the most pleasing features for Android users is that AVIF format, which is much lower in size than JPEG, will now come on Android devices. Thus, our photos will take up much less space on phones.

Apart from all these, some innovations to the notification settings; such as scrolling screenshot feature, one-handed mode, some improvements to dual app use, and audio source selection innovations are also among the features that will appear with Android 12.

You can watch our video to take a closer look at all the innovations that are certain to come with Android 12, and share your first impressions of these innovations with us as a comment.

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