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How to Set Up Valheim Server?

by tenderpuls

Played fondly by millions of people, Valheim is a survival game that you can also play with your friends. We explained how to set up a server to play Valheim with your friends. In short steps, we answer the question of how to set up a server in Valheim.

When it comes to survival games, everyone knows that playing such games with friends doubles or triples the pleasure of the game. Valheim here is one of those games. Especially as a result of his success to make his name known to the world with his successive records in the number of buyers, he has come under the spotlight of everyone who follows the game world.

Valheim There are some settings that need to be made to set up a server before playing with your friends. We are also in our article How to set up Valheim server We explain the question in its simplest form. Before we get to the steps, let’s make a reminder. The person with the best computer and internet connection in the group of friends should install the server. Because the actual burden of the world you will install will carry the computer and internet of the person who installed the server.

Valheim How to set up the server?

  • Step # 1: Open Valheim and choose or create a character,
  • Step # 2: Click the “Start” button,
  • Step # 3: Click “New” to create a new world,
  • Step # 4: Select the world you created and tick the “Start Server” option,
    • If you want everyone to see the world you created, check the “Community Server” option as well.
  • Step # 5: Set a password and press the “Start” key,
  • Step # 6: Those who want to join your world will be able to join from the “Join Game” tab.

Step # 1: Valheim and select or create a character:

We start the process by opening Valheim from within Steam or via the shortcut created. After that “Start GameBy clicking on ”, we will switch to the screen where we can create a character. To create a new character on the page that opens, click the “NewWe click the ”button. By doing our character customizations and clicking the “Done” button, our character will be created.

Step # 2: Click the Start button:

valheim menu

After completing the process of creating our character, the game will send us to the previous menu. Here we need to click the “Start” button to create a new world. Then our world to privatization and we will start setting up a server.

Step # 3: Click on “New” to create a new world:


We start server setup by creating a new world. After clicking the “Start” option, we click the “New” button on the first screen, enter the name of our world and the “Seed” information, which will determine the shape of our world, and click the “Done” button. You don’t have to worry about Seed. Because the game creates a normal world “seed” by itself. The only difference to writing seed by hand determine the shape of the world. Usually those who want to ‘speedrun’ apply.

  • Currently, a seed suitable for ‘speedrun’ has been discovered. If you want to see the ‘speedrun’ world, let’s leave the code you need to enter in the “Seed” section here: “HHcLC5acQt

Step # 4: Select the “Start Server” option by selecting the world you created:

valheim world creation screen

After entering the necessary information and creating our world, there is one last setting we need to make before entering the game. In order for the game to see the world we created as a server, we tick the “Start Server” option, which is one of the marked options. If we want to present the world we have created in a way that everyone can see, at the same time “Community ServeWe also need to check the “r” option. Otherwise, only your friends will be able to enter the game.

Step # 5: Set a password and press the “Start” key:

valheim password setting screen

We are now the last step before launching a game that people can join. At this stage, we need to set a password. Even if we didn’t check the “Community Server” option, a We must set a password. Otherwise, if anyone who is our friend on Steam has Valheim, they will have the right to enter the world we created as they wish. After determining the password, we will be able to start the world open to people by pressing the “Start” button.

Step # 6: Those who want to join your Valheim world will be able to join from the “Join Game” tab:

valheim join game

After starting the game, according to the settings we made in the previous steps, either everyone or only our friends will be able to see the world we created through the “Join Game” tab. Those who want to participate can click on the world we created in the “Join Game” tab and click on the “Join Game” tab at the bottom right.ConnectThey should click on ”. Afterwards, we can start the long-running Viking adventure with our friends.

To play Valheim with our friends. how to turn on the server Here we come to the end of our article in which we answered the question. If you need advice to avoid difficulty during your adventure, you can check out our article on Valheim tactics. If you wish, you can browse our articles where we share Valheim-like games and Valheim’s system requirements, and if you played the game, you can share your ideas about the record-breaking Valheim in the comments section.

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