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Amusing Shares About Uşak

by tenderpuls

Being the first with a low risk level outside the Eastern and Southeastern provinces, Uşak was appreciated and created a new humor material for social media users with this success.

Turkey, as of March gradual normalization and the new measures to be implemented in this process are as of yesterday evening. it was announced. The Ministry of Health also shared a map showing the risk level of provinces in order to see more clearly how risky each province is.

When we examine the map shared two of Turkey’s three largest cities (Istanbul, Izmir) that have a high level of risk, while one (Ankara) we see that the moderate risk. One of the most striking details on the map is except for the Eastern and Southeastern provinces. low risk the only province with the level Servant was that.

Turkey’s risk map in this way coronavirus

Although Uşak is the only low-risk province among its high and medium-risk neighbors, it is a welcome development for Uşak, but for social media users who do not turn down any opportunity, Uşak’s success is also a humor material could be used as. Twitter users knew how to get fun from this small detail on the map with the tweets they shared.

The only low-risk first tweets thrown about in Usak in western Turkey

butler tweet

risk map tweet

butler low risk tweet

butler risk situation

butler cleaning tweet

coronavirus tweet


tweet about butler's low risk

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