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Shocking Claim About Emily in Paris’ Golden Globe Nomination

by tenderpuls

Emily in a Netflix series allegedly received Golden Globe Award nominations for bribes, in a sense by “hosting like kings” in Paris of 30 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization behind the Golden Globe Awards of Paris.

The Golden Globe Awards found their owners with an online ceremony last night and in the news we shared with you recently. Winners of the 78th Golden Globe Awards we reported. In this news, controversially at the Golden Globe Awards “Best Comedy Series” Netflix production, which is a candidate Emily in Paris We will talk about the surprising claims about.

A study conducted by the Los Angeles Times on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the organization behind the Golden Globe Awards, shows further under Emily in Paris’ surprising Golden Globe Awards nomination. surprising “events” revealed.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 30 HFPA members – more than a third of the organization with 87 members in total – Emily made a crowded visit to Paris to visit the set of Paris. It was hosted “like kings”. After this news of the Los Angeles Times, Emily in Paris was partially received Golden Globe Award nomination for bribery started to be spoken.

After the allegations were made, the media cited the lack of diversity in HPFA as a reason for what happened. 87 journalists affiliated with the organization, thanks to the Golden Globe Awards, last year $ 27.4 million generated an income, and a large part of that income was shared among journalists.


Candidates for 78th Golden Globe Awards Announced

Moreover, members of the organization receive substantial fees only for writing articles on websites and serving in various juries. In short, according to the US media, HPFA’s can be manipulated with moneyThe fact that it consists of a group of journalists devoid of diversity has had a serious negative impact on the prestige of the Golden Globe Awards.

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