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Optimization Shortening the Loading of GTA Online by 70%

by tenderpuls

There is a slow login to GTA Online due to bad optimization in the “JSON” file used to exchange data between the server and the client. A user shared a ‘mod’ file when entering GTA Online, shortening the loading by 70 percent.

T0st named GTA modder He decided to examine the late loading issue in GTA Online. Was 7 yearsThe error that cannot be solved and causes players to be hairless or even unable to enter GTA Online is actually a link between the server and the processor JSON turned out to be brandy from the file.

JSON due to bad configuration of the file, GTA OnlineWhen entering, the file is trying to load all items in the game. During this download, there is a serious wait between 6 minutes and 15 minutes. Due to Rockstar Games’ control and loading system, GTA Online causes “anguish” for players.

The modder was able to reduce the loading time by 70%:

T0st named modder, Tostercx named GitHub loading screen time with the optimization code posted on your account 70% dropped it. Before that JSON during control CPU It was experiencing a serious bottleneck, which again increased the amount of time players spent on the loading screen.


Rockstar Games will distribute gifts in GTA Online and Red Dead Online to thank the players

Normally GTA OnlineWhen entering, 1.984.531.500 We were trying to load the item. In the JSON file that T0st optimized 63.00We can check 0 items and log into the game. By downloading this optimized “patch-style” content, you can reduce your access to the game by up to 50 seconds. T0st, Rockstar Gamesstates that this update can be done with a single developer in an average of half a day. We do not yet know why or how Rockstar Games has not made this optimization. But it’s great that GTA modders have come up with a solution for this.

However, let’s say that it is not very safe to add the file shared by the modder named T0st into the game files, because Rockstar Games pays great attention to the issue of not making changes to the game files when entering GTA Online. Therefore, downloading this file and entering the game may cause your account to be banned.

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