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Instagram Raises the Participant Limit in Live Streams to 4

by tenderpuls

Social media giant Instagram launched the ‘Live Rooms’ feature, which increased the number of live broadcast participants to 4, which was previously limited to 2 people. The new feature is expected to reach all users this week.

Social media giant under the umbrella of Facebook Instagram:continues to work on new features to improve the app experience. One of these features that the US company is working on is that allows more people to join the live broadcast at the same time. ‘Live Rooms’ happened.

Thanks to this new feature called Live Rooms, it used to be With 2 people limited number of participants in Instagram live streams 4 persons will be released. In a blog post on the topic, Instagram says this feature will encourage people to start a “talk show or podcast” or collaborate with other creators.

The number of participants increases to 4 in Instagram live broadcasts:

To increase the number of people who can participate in the live broadcast at the same time, content builders It also makes it easier for them to appeal to the masses. This application, which can potentially increase the number of followers, naturally creates a new revenue stream for content creators.

However, the new feature of Instagram is that people can communicate with audio only and have live conversations in rooms. To Clubhouse It also draws attention with its similarity. Clubhouse, where more than 10 speakers can speak at the same time and more than 8,000 people can join the rooms. voice-based It is known as an application.

At this point, unlike Clubhouse, Instagram Live requires people to be in front of the camera as opposed to only voice communication. Also, the fact that the Clubhouse is currently only available on iOS devices and the invitation to join makes Instagram Live one step ahead.


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The Instagram Live Rooms feature, which is available as of today, in the week expected to reach all users. You can share your thoughts about the new feature with us in the comments section.

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