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Apex Legends Breaks Simultaneous Player Record on Steam

by tenderpuls

Apex Legends broke the concurrent player record on Steam. The game, which started its 8th season in February, seems to have attracted the attention of Apex Legends fans. The game also refreshed the record for views on Twitch.

Released by Electronic Arts in 2019 Apex Legendsis currently experiencing the best days of its history. The game, where players experienced the innovations of the eighth season, attracted a little more attention in February. SteamDBAccording to the data in, Electronic Arts’ survival game managed to break the record for the number of concurrent players on Steam.

According to SteamDB data, Apex Legends, in February 198 thousand 235 reached the number of simultaneous players. This number is from January Up to 70 thousand was more. In addition, Apex Legends started to attract serious attention on Twitch. The top game as of today is on Twitch 137 thousand watched by the game lover.

Eighth season innovations increased interest in the game

Electronic Arts with the eighth season of the game More than 100 new items made available. Also with a new weapon, a new character, and Nintendo Switch cross platform support was one of the innovations added to the game. These innovations seem to delight Apex Legends fans. Time will tell whether this interest will be temporary or permanent.

Apex Legends

Survival games, released in 2015 H1Z1 started to become popular with. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which entered our lives in 2016, enabled this category to reach unprecedented popularity. As such, the giant names of the industry started to play survival games one after another. Here is Apex Legends was one of them and this game to be freecaught the attention of the players. The last update is a clear indication that the game continues to grow.


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