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The site could not be accessed for a long time

by tenderpuls

You cannot access yemeksepeti.com, the largest online food ordering platform in our country. While many people are complaining about this problem, the site is just starting to improve.

For Yemeksepeti.com, which has been the only platform in our country to order food online for many years and has not faced serious competition until recent years, things have not gone as expected in recent days. The platform collapsed once again on February 28, 2021.

Those who try to access the platform that many people use for ordering food through the internet browser encounter an error page. Some users have stated that they have problems in opening the application on mobile as well.

Yemeksepeti drew reaction

Although not in Yemeksepeti via mobile app Although it is more possible to access, there is a serious problem on the website. Those who want to visit the site from their internet browser error message encounters with.

The platform, which has been experiencing such problems frequently in the last few days, It also attracts reaction on social media. Many people say that the platform is oriented towards its competitors. In other words, the platform faces the risk of losing an important competitive advantage in this period when people are living in their homes.


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No statement has been made regarding the problem that has been continuing intermittently since yesterday. Although users write the status in the responses to the posts made on Yemeksepeti’s social media accounts, there is a clear the return did not stand out.

“Brother me and a half island and buttermilk” period?

food basket


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In the posts made on social media, people in general to two different alternatives it is striking. The first of these is, of course, ordering from different service providers working on the internet. The second alternative is to call by phone, which is the traditional method.Brother me and a half Adana and buttermilk“To order like.”

Let’s see Food basket how will he go about managing this crisis and when he will make a statement. If the explanation from the platform does not satisfy the users, the crisis will deepen. Although the problem has been resolved for now, the fact that it is a frequent situation in recent days makes us think that it will continue for a while.

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