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Presidency: The World Is Bigger Than GAFAM

by tenderpuls

Presidential Digital Transformation Office stood out with a very interesting motto today. Ali Taha Koç, Head of Digital Transformation Office; “The world is bigger than GAFAM. GAFAM, ie Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft ”said.

He began to make serious investments in the technology field in Turkey recently. Domestic and national After the vehicle project, with the space agency project, now GAFAM named; There is talk of making counterparts of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

As a matter of fact Apple Equivalent products of almost every project have been tried so far. Data security In order to ensure that such an initiative exists and is supported, it should also be considered at this point that more work should be done in the field of usability of the initiative to be made.

Data security is very valuable:

Making statements to the Ankara journalist Dr. Ali Taha KoçAfter the announcement that WhatsApp will make changes to its privacy agreement, it also evaluated the digital security and data privacy discussions. Turkey will give in Turkey saying Coach; “We will beat technology with technology. In order to prevent this technological change, we need to develop new technologies. Mr. President always says, “The world is bigger than five.” I say a similar one in digital sense: The world is bigger than GAFAM. GAFAM i.e. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft. Google knows all of our search systems. Apple knows both our computer and our phone. Apart from our biometric data, it also took our fingerprints. Facebook even knows who we like and what we eat and drink. Amazon knows how we shop, what movies we watch, what we like and what we don’t. Microsoft has the knowledge of all our operating systems we use.He states.


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Ali Taha Koç considers the easy access of big technology companies to data as a violation of freedom and democracy. Koç continues his words as follows; “While these companies have such a large amount of data, it is a little difficult for you to talk about freedom and democracy. Because these five companies know more about you than many other states. If these companies share all the data they have with each other, our situation will be ruined. In this sense, data security is as important and priority as the security of our borders.. ”

Alternatives actually exist:

  • Microsoft Windows: Pardus
  • Amazon: PttAvm
  • Google Search Engine: Yaani
  • Facebook LCC Whatsapp: BEEP

There are alternative studies that can be encountered in this style. Even now in many public institutions Pardus It comes across as a widely used operating system. PttAvm especially HGS, OGS One of the popular sites for payment systems.


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At this point, it will be healthier to take initiatives that are similar to existing software and that can continue user habits in order to change user habits. GAFAM Time will tell when such initiatives can be fully established in our country, although it is a very entertaining definition.

Source :
https://www.indyturk.com/node/322906/haber/cumhurba%C5%9Fkanl%C4%B1%C4%9F%C4%B1ndan-yerli-ve-milli-google-apple-ve-facebook-geli% C5% 9 Launch-target? S = 09

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