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People and Events Inspired by the Movie Scarface

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Although Al Pacino, the indispensable name of mafia and crime films, owes most of his reputation to The Godfather series, his performance in Scarface still amazes us. In this content, we take a closer look at the people and events on which the Scarface movie was created inspired by names from the real crime world and the events that happened.

Al pacino especially popular with the mob characters he portrays. Among the dozens of films in Al Pacino’s career Scarfacehas a very important place. Blending real events and people with fiction, this movie features many real sections inspired by the Miami crime scene of the 1980s.

Especially played by Al Pacino Tony montana The character and some of the crucial points in the film are transferred from the important events of the criminal world of that period to the big screen. Where there is abundant drugs, guns and violence What events and who was inspired by the movie Scarface? Together we take a closer look.

The mafia leader who is inspired by the character of Tony Montana (Al Pacino) and the title of the movie: Al Capone

There are many names from the real crime world and many references to the era in the movie Scarface. The most prominent of these is Scarface, the name of the movie and also the pseudonym of Tony Montana, the main character of the movie. Scarface is happening. The most famous mafia boss in the criminal world, nicknamed Scarface, is of Italian descent. Al Capone It comes across as. Although Al Capone mainly operates in New York and Chicago, it has many similarities to Tony Montana.

While the Scarface nickname is the most obvious of these similarities; Tony Montana’s incarceration for tax evasion, the scars on his face, and the story of his rise resembles a lot from Al Capone’s real life. What separates Tony Montana from Al Capone the biggest difference is their death. While Al Capone died at home of paralysis and psychological illnesses, Tony Montana was tragically killed by Sosa’s men in the film, allowing us to witness the unforgettable scene of conflict at the end of the film that was etched into the world of cinema.

How did Al Capone and Tony Montana get the nickname Scarface?

scarface al pacino

Although it is not mentioned in the movie how Tony Montana got the Scarface nickname, it is known how Al Capone got this nickname. Al Capone, who was at the very beginning of his criminal career, was working as a bartender in a Brooklyn bar. Al Capone, who insulted and refused to apologize to a female customer one evening at the bar, gets into a tough fight with the woman’s older brother. As a result of this incident, the woman escapes from the scene by cutting Al Capone’s face with a knife. Discarded With 80 stitches But this healed wound earns Al Capone the famous Scarface nickname.

Tony Montana (Al Pacino) character was originally inspired and who is Mario Tabraue that many people don’t know about?

scarface mario tabraue

Moving to the screens as a drug / mafia leader who was addicted to cocaine, constantly murdering and owning tigers, Tony Montana actually reflected the image of many mafia leaders in the Miami of the time. But among these mafia leaders Mario tabraua man named e for the character of Tony Montana screenwriter Oliver StoneHe was the person who most inspired. Mario Tabraue, who was caught with cocaine worth $ 200 million in 1987, a huge Tony Montana-like mansion, luxury cars and exotic animals including tigers, was one of the largest drug lords of Miami origin at the time.

Netflix documentary Tiger KingMario Tabraue, a founding member of the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, which we saw in Miami, now in Miami, says he heard many times that the Tony Montana character was inspired by him. Although the first Scarface movie was released in 1932, it is an undeniable fact that in the 1983 version, screenwriter Oliver Stone was inspired by Mario Tabraue for Tony Montana. Mario Tabraue, the most famous Miami drug lord of the time, after his 1987 capture To 100 years of imprisonment he was struck. Having stayed in prison for 12 years, Mario got out of prison thanks to his collaboration with the FBI and left his days in the criminal world behind by becoming the head of the association he founded for wild animals.

Hard to believe, the chainsaw scene in the movie Scarface is inspired by the real event:

scarface saw scene

The celebrity who reveals how wild the Miami drug and crime world can be chainsaw scene Another highlight, inspired by de Mario Tabraue. Although this event was changed in the film, the screenwriter Oliver Stone saw this event in the newspaper headlines at the time he wrote the film. It is also thought that Oliver Stone’s inclusion of the chainsaw incident in the film opened the door to Mario Tabraue and Tony Montana likenesses.

When we look at the real event, Mario Tabraue, who reached the peak of his power in the late 1970s, Larry nash He had the secret ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau) agent named after he killed his men. Larry Nash’s body was destroyed by a chainsaw and later burned by Mario.

The famous Babylon Club in the movie is inspired by the famous Miami Mutiny Hotel:

scarface mutiny hotel

Drug lords, politicians, rock stars and many other famous names in Miami were usually Mutiny HotelIt was coming together in. The mascot of the Mutiny Hotel, the favorite of Miami, with a kilogram-heavy gold chain around his neck and an 18-carat diamond necklace with his name on it. Ceaser was a domestic chimpanzee named. The owner of this chimpanzee and the most famous regular at the Mutiny Hotel was none other than Mario Tabraue, you guessed it.

It was quite normal to see Arnold Schwarzenegger flirting with the hostess at the door on an ordinary night at the Mutiny Hotel, and the Led Zeppelin members hanging out with their girlfriends at the hotel club. This vitality of the Mutiny Hotel and the Mutiny Hotel itself Babylon Club directly on the Scarface movie. At one point in the script, Oliver Stone even mistakenly wrote “The Mutiny” instead of Babylon Club.


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Scarface by Al PacinoAlthough there are many other references to real life and the Miami crime scene of the time, the obvious similarities are limited to what we have told. It is known that the director of the film, Brian de Palma and the screenwriter Oliver Stone, conducted a very intensive research in the Miami crime world for a long time. You Scarface and Al pacino what do you think about You can also share other real-life similarities that catch your eye with us in the comments section.

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