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Origin Started Pricing in TL

by tenderpuls

Electronic Arts’ game platform Origin has finally started pricing in TL after years of demand. The game prices have been pulled to the same level as competing platforms.

Once the biggest competitor of the gaming platform giant Steam OriginAlthough it still operates today, it has lost its popularity compared to Steam. Today, something Turkish players have been requesting from Electronic Arts for years has been added to the game platform Origin. Origin in pricing Started to use Turkish Lira.

Origin, which was opened in June 2011 and usually hosts Electronic Arts’s games, has been pricing in Euro in our country until today. But this pricing, with today’s exchange rate values it made the games more expensive than other platforms.

TL came to Origin:

With Origin’s use of the Turkish Lira, the game prices on the platform have been reduced to the same level with the game prices on other game platforms. For example Star Wars Squadrons 279.99 TL, The Sims 4 279.99 TRY and FIFA 21 419.99 TL began to find buyers with a price tag.

EA Play, which Electronic Arts previously offered on Origin, then its name was changed and moved to Steam, began to carry the same price tag as Steam. Origin users, service monthly To 29 TLif annual To 169 TL They can get it on the platform.


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The price of EA Play Pro, which is the more comprehensive version of the EA Play subscription, has also been adjusted. Players who want to have EA Play Pro, monthly 119 TRY or annual 899 TRY You can have a subscription by choosing one of the payment options available. Turkish language support is the only thing missing in Origin for now.

The fact that Origin made this update, which pleased Turkish players after years, set eyes on other giant platforms that have not yet switched to TL. Who do not sell in TL in our country Play stores such as GOG and Battle.net We will see by waiting whether it will support our currency.

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