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E3 2021 Will Be An Online Event

by tenderpuls

It has become clear that E3, which was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic last year and which greatly disturbed the game lovers, will not organize a physical event this year, and E3 2021 will appear as a digital event.

Last year, one of the biggest effects of coronavirus on our lives was the cancellation of all fairs, events and similar formations organized around the world. One of the activities affected by this situation is the heartbeat of the game world every year. E3 had happened. After E3, which was completely canceled last year, game developers had to organize their own events to promote their games.

The excitement increased after the information that E3 would be held in June this year, as everyone hoped the event would be organized as a physical event. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. According to the latest news E3 2021 will be held as a digital event it became definite. At this point, although there is no official explanation as to why such a decision was made, our predictions still favor the pandemic, which still has its effect.

It will be held from 15 to 17 June:

It has been known for some time that the event will take place between June 15 and 17, and considering the latest information, it seems that there is no change at this point. Your activity Online on June 15 expected to begin.


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Unfortunately, we do not have any details about the details of the event yet. The answers to the questions such as who will be the participants, what kind of online events will be held are expected to be answered in the coming weeks. Our predictions demos of games is free for all platforms, where live broadcasts will be made that an event is waiting for us.

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