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Clubhouse Troubled About Security and Privacy

by tenderpuls

Clubhouse, the rising social media application that has recently experienced some security problems, is experiencing security and privacy issues. The platform promised to get better.

Having become popular in the past months audio social media platform Clubhousehas become one of the most talked about applications of the last period. With such great interest, of course, it did not take long to discover the vulnerabilities of the platform.

Recently, especially having security and privacy issues Technically, the Clubhouse is still in beta. Naturally, there is a long way in front of the platform. The team behind the project is aware of this situation and they say they will make the Clubhouse better.

Its value exceeded $ 1 billion

Right now can only be used on iOS devices Clubhouse has more than 10 million users. On the platform, which is used by many important names, people gather in groups called chambers and can have conversations.

Security expert Robert Potter Against smaller, newer social media platforms we need to be more alert to our data, especially when they are going through rapid growth, and their controls undergo many tests.He also said that as the number of users increases, the risk of vulnerability increases.


Clubhouse’s Worldwide Downloads Announced

Recently, regarding the Clubhouse, due to the infrastructure it uses some security concerns arose. About a week ago, Stanford Internet Observatory found that the application was transmitting chat room and user information without encryption. Then the platform China-based infrastructure is that and explained that the information came through China first.

Is the clubhouse safe enough?



Data Breach Due to a 3rd Party Software Produced for Android Users of Clubhouse

According to a report in Bloomberg on Sunday, a third party websiten compiled Clubhouse conversations and it turned out that he was using it for an Android app that was not checked. This meant that people who were not on the platform could listen to the conversations in real time.

The purpose of these people is not bad for now, they are trying to make the platform accessible to more people. However, according to experts, the platform’s failure to take the correct security measures is the cause of this problem. Clubhouse is on the topic for now avoiding a detailed explanation.

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