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VALORANT’s New Agent Astra Introduced in a Trailer

by tenderpuls
Riot Games, VALORANT'ın Yeni Ajanı Astra İçin Tanıtım Videosu Yayınladı

Riot Games has introduced its next agent to be added to the shooter game VALORANT with a new video. The Ghanaian agent named Astra is among the control expert characters such as Brimstone, Omen, and Viper, with abilities that support team play.

California based game developer Riot Games, first-person shooter game released last year VALORANT continues to improve day by day. The game improves with every update released, its new agent soon To Astra will meet.

The first signals were given with an encrypted image published in the past days Astrawas officially introduced in a video posted today. 15th agent Astra will be added to the game in the coming days. cosmic to the powers It is said to be a possessing agent and is unlike any character in the game.

Here is Astra, the new agent of VALORANT:

As we understand from the video Astraappears to be designed to infuriate the other team, break the lineups, and make it easier for teammates to do their job. This is Astra’s Brimstone, Omen and Viper with agents like control specialist It shows us that he will be among the characters.

Ghanaian Agent Astra, who has some cosmic powers, to space and time He also draws attention with his abilities. At this point your character stun, enemies to herself right Do not Pull and smoke cloud has such talents.

Adding new characters to first person shooter games like VALORANT, balances in the gamei can break it in a moment. At this point, Astra looks like a decent character with his abilities at first glance, but can be much stronger or weaker than he appears in real matches. How strong Astra is and whether it will upset the balance in the game progressive in days we will see together.


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So, what do you think of Astra, the new agent of VALORANT? Your ideas comments You can share with us from section.

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