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Unknown Facts About Buckbeak

by tenderpuls

We cannot get much information about Buckbeak, one of the beloved creatures in the Harry Potter series, especially in the movies. Let’s learn together the unknowns of this magical creature, which has a finger on some key points.

The Harry Potter series is one of the series that played a major role in the development of almost most of us imagination. In the series where we witness the development of each character, there are many other creatures besides humans. One of the most beloved of these creatures. Buckbeak. The rest of our article on Harry Potter and Those who haven’t seen the movie Prisoner of Azkabanwe do not recommend it in order not to miss any surprises.

The Hawkbill, which first appeared in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is actually a kind of hypogriff. In the stories, Buckbeak, who is normally very calm and affectionate to his person, is unjustly sentenced to death after attacking Draco Malfoy, unable to bear his provocations. Most of the committee members who decided on Buckbeak’s death sentence followed the decision of Draco Malfoy’s father, Lucius Malfoy.

The Buckbeak, who was rescued from the death penalty thanks to the efforts of Harry Potter and Hermonie Granger and Hermonie’s time turner, began to live with Sirius Black after surviving the death penalty. The above is not just what we know about the beloved creature, Buckbeak, which we haven’t seen much except the first movie in the series. We have discussed the unknowns about Buckbeak for you.

Roommate to Sirius Black

After escaping the unjust death sentence, we last saw Buckbeak flying to safer places with Sirius Black. The Buckbeak, which we have never seen in movies again, appeared in a few more places in the books. We can even see Buckbeak owning a new home in Sirius Black’s mother’s room.

Used as bait by Voldemort before Sirius’ death

harry potter

According to the book, after Arthur Weasley was injured after the incident in the ministry, Harry began to feel more and more resentment against Voldemort. So Voldemort could use Harry’s grudge. Even Sirius, the only family member left to lead Harry to the Mysteries, was tortured. a fake script prepared.

Part of this plan; It included injuring Buckbeak. So Harry got busy that he could be busy with something else while he should have been in contact with Sirius. Unfortunately, this chain of events led to Sirius’ death. But in the movies, we’ve never seen Buckbeak in these episodes.

The new owner is Harry again:

After surviving the death penalty in Prisoner of Azkaban, Buckbaga began to live with Sirius Black. After Sirius’ death, Buckbeak became one of the many things Sirius left directly to Harry in his will. So that the duo get along very well -Brightbill and Harry- it has been reunited.

Its name has been changed to:

For Buckbeak to adopt and protect Harry as his owner, his name had to be changed. The hypogriff that we never see again after the third movie in the movies of the series the story of the change of name It is included in the books. After Azkaban, Harry names Buckbeak Witherwings.

In the Half-Blood Prince book, he drove Snape away from Harry:

In the Half-Blood Prince, after Severus Snape killed Albus Dumbledore, Harry, furious with rage, follows Snape. He finally realizes that Snape is the Half-Blood Prince. In this scene in the book, Buckbeak drives Snape away from Harry during the fight and reaffirms his devotion to Harry. There is no such scene in the movies.

It is said that there are many hyperogrifs such as Buckbeak in the books:

The Buckbeak wasn’t actually the only hypogriff in the Harry Potter universe. As we read in the book, Hagrid was actually raising a Hippogriff herd. Buckbeak was just one of the hypogriffs included in that herd. We can say that the only feature that distinguishes Buckbeak from other hypogriffs and makes it so important in the series is that Hagrid chose him to show the students during the lesson.

The iconic scene actually appears in the book in a completely different way:

The scene where Harry flies with Buckbeak for the first time was not such a sweet scene in the book. Watching Harry very skillfully controlling the creature he flew for the first time in the movie, in the book nervously and confused we see that pictured. There is a big difference between Harry in the movie, who had a very pleasant moment on his first flight, and Harry in the book, who had a jerky and tense flight.

He played an important role in the Battle of Hogwarts in the finale of both the books and the movies:

Buckbeak was also a part of the defense at the Battle of Hogwarts, where all the characters we saw in the series from beginning to end fought for good or bad. During this incident, Buckbeak, as we read in the book, Death Eaters’ eyes was shattering.

You can watch the iconic stage with a symphony orchestra:

We explained everything we learned about Buckbeak from books and movies in our article. If there is information we skipped, you can indicate it in the comments!

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