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The design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 could be like this

by tenderpuls

The all-screen Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 phone, which Xiaomi is expected to introduce this year, has come up with a possible design today. The patents received by Xiaomi mostly point to this design.

Xiaomi’s smartphone, Mi Mix Alpha, which is almost entirely made up of a screen, will return with a second model this year. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 While there is very little information about the smartphone that is expected to bear the name, the design of the phone has emerged today. The design obtained from the patent images shed light on how the Mi Mix Alpha 2 might look.

The design demonstrated by the new patents discovered in the China Patent Office, the second model as well as the first model the edges will be the screen is showing. This design we see was previously seen within the World Intellectual Property Organization. Let’s see other design details offered by patents.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 might look like this:

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 is on the top, different from the first model according to the visuals. to a camera setup that can be switched on and off will give place. This means that there will be no part on the back of the phone that divides the screen as in the first model, that the back part is entirely made up of the screen. pointing out. So when you take this phone in your hand, you will not touch anything other than the screen.

On top of the pop-up camera setup we see, there are three cameras and two flashes. While it is not known whether this will be the final version of the installation, there is also a button next to the camera setup. This key is probably power key will serve as.


Design of Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5, which is expected to be released soon

At the bottom of the phone USB Type-C port Although we guess that it will be, we cannot give an idea about the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Apart from these, it is not known what kind of hardware the phone will have. But Xiaomi is on the processor part of an extraordinary phone. From Snapdragon 888 it will not prefer another processor. After all, it may not be certain that the phone will carry this design, as these images are from patents.

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