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Google Sleep API Is Now Available For Developers

by tenderpuls

Google has paired with third-party developers its API that will enable Android app developers to develop sleep tracking apps with low power usage. With the shared API, applications that offer more advanced data and consume less power are expected to be developed.

Sleep tracking applications are one of the applications frequently preferred by both smart watch users and smartphone users. By tracking your sleep patterns Applications that provide you with relevant data and use this data to ensure a more efficient and healthy sleep appear as dozens of different options on all platforms. However, the applications, measurement and data collection on smartphones are lagging behind smart watches in the notepad.

With the performance of each of the applications in this pool of options battery usage also varies. Of course, these applications that constantly work and collect data cause high power consumption. If Google is more with low power consumption It enables developers to develop better applications with its API that will help collect healthier data. With Google’s API, it is aimed to collect quality data at a level that can match the efficiency of the data of smart watches.

More efficient applications can be developed:


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With Google’s API, users will be able to access data in two different ways in applications. The first of these is during sleep Regular reports generated every 10 minutes while another will present a general daily report after waking up. The process of collecting this data during sleep, with much lower power consumption thanks to Google’s API. more efficient applications development will be provided.

With this development, which is thought to be a solution to the problem of not having efficient sleep tracking applications for Android users in general, it is thought that more applications will appear in Play Store soon. The API is now available to all application developers, and developers who wish to can ‘Sleep API ‘can reach.

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