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Amnesia Re-Collection Package Arrives on Steam

by tenderpuls
Korku Severlere Müjde: Amnesia Re-Collection Paketi Ufak Bir İndirimle Steam’e Geldi

A new bundle package of the Amnesia series, which has become a cult among horror games, has been announced on Steam. There is a 20% discount on the games of the Amnesia series, where you can have 89.60 TL.

Frictional Games Amnesia, one of the most attractive stories of the horror games universe, is one of the rare games that has been played once by almost every publisher and managed to capture the mind of the man with its in-game atmosphere.

Since its release, both psychological and horror fantasy The biggest advantage of Amnesia, which purifies itself from derivative games with its structure, is that it is a game that can be played on almost every platform. SteamThe reviews on are “Extremely Positive” Amnesia Let’s examine what’s in the package.

Amnesia Re-collection is on sale at 20% discount.

Amnesia: Rebirth, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for PigsThe package you can buy at one time, From 112 TL 89,60 TLhas fallen into The stories of Amnesia, which describes itself as an action, adventure and indie game, are more terrifying than the production.

Especially if you haven’t played Amnesia: Rebirth and The Dark Descent, we strongly recommend you to play. If we talk briefly without spoilers; famous horror writer HP Lovecraft‘of Cthulhu You will get lost in the stories that have lots of parallels with the series. Especially in The Dark Descent Lovecraft It is possible to see many creatures and puzzle structures you see in the books. In The Dark Descent, which took place in 1839 and where we control the character named Daniel; Baron AlexanderWhat you have learned about what is done and the mystery of the sects will connect you to the game.

Amnesia: Rebirth will take you to a world closer to the present but more complicated. You will want to change the location of every item you see in the game. Especially the strange fear and psychology effect of living today’s conspiracy theories in a “realistic” way will remain on you for a long time. Also, when you play the game, “kopen and get ridYou can adopt the ”philosophy more.

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