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A Site That Will Allow You To Travel The History Of Istanbul With Photos

by tenderpuls

If you want to see the recent history of Istanbul, which has been standing for more than 2,700 years, with photographs, you should take a look at the IMM’s Time Machine site. On the site, you can see historical photographs and descriptions taken between 1850 – 1955.

It continues to survive with its magnificent historical heritage. B.C. The metropolis city, which was founded in 685 and has been the home of millions of people, cultures and governments for more than 2,700 years, is also of great geopolitical importance as the junction point of Europe and Asia.

Today, there are many ways to learn or see the recent history of Istanbul. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality One of the ways it offers is by traveling in time. From 1850 to 1955 allows you to see the captured photos where they were taken.

Get down to the history of Istanbul:

The website called Time Machine, which operates within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, shows you photos taken in Istanbul recently. Moreover, the photos are about on the map according to shooting locations can be found. Therefore, it is possible to see the photos taken at this location by going to a location you are curious about.


Below photos with approximate shooting dates information about photo, your photo where it was taken and his photo in some pictures name of the person who pulled takes place. For example, the person who took this photo we saw above and taken on the Galata Bridge is not known. The photo shows the müruriye officers collecting the toll on the Galata Bridge.


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From the scroll button on the upper left of the website the year range you want to see photos you can also choose. The Time Machine, which is still in beta, continues to gradually add photos of Istanbul from various years, which are in the municipal archives. You can click here to go to the Time Machine.

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